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Most materials are Copyright © 2014 The Survival Podcast owned by Jack Spirko. All Rights Reserved. One exception is the Zombie Squad Wiki materials under GNU Free Licensing.[1]

NOTE: Our TSP Wiki Team is currently in the process of getting things up and running including defining Wiki categories and policies and statements of copyright, fair use and privacy policy.

  • By contributing information to TSP Wiki, you irrevocably consent to the display, copying, reuse or editing of your information, edits and entries, with or without attribution.
  • Content is copyrighted under the laws of the United States of America, as such you agree to be bound by applicable US laws and to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States District Court sitting in the State of Texas.
  • You agree to waive and indemnify this and all affiliated sponsors, editors, users, or sites from claims for liability resulting from use, by you, of the content contained herein.
  • This is a binding legal document. By using this site you agree to be bound by it. TSP Wiki may clarify and amend its copyright from time to time by updating this document here.

The Survival Podcast show and the TSP Wiki is owned by a private person and is used to express that individuals private individuals views, (hence the disclaimer of, “one man’s opinion”). Any belief that your personal right to “free speech” exists on this site, which is my personal property, is only an illusion.

The final decision about the publishing or deletion of any comment, post or any other form of communication is at the sole discretion of the site owner and or his designated moderators at any and all times. There is no “recourse” or “appeal process”. If you wish to publish something we won’t allow either create your own site and use your own resources or find a platform that allows your type communications. Once again you have no free speech on this site as it is private personal property.

Adapted from: Source: https://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/about-tspc/disclaimers-policies-2

Content ported from Zombie Squad Wiki is Licensed under GNU Free Documentation License 1.2

Much of the initial TSP Wiki content originated at the Zombie Squad Wiki, but has grown well beyond that.

The Zombie Squad Wiki content is [under GNU Free Documentation License 1.2] so materials from there are under the irrevocable GNU license and thus the licensor (in this case The Survival Podcast and its property, the TSP Wiki) cannot revoke these freedoms as long as one follows the GNU license terms. Any changes or improvement to those Zombie Squad articles ported over to TSP Wiki would be copyrighted by The Survival Podcast.

What Can Be Copied to This Site

For rules about what can be copied to this site, see Copyright of the respective source's holders. Other simple open source licenses are here.

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  1. For historical reasons a few entries are compelled to impose different copyright restrictions on reuse as noted. Images may remain protected by the copyrights of their creators and are used here for educational purposes.
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