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This is a broad-based Category that includes articles related to European history including wars, economics, values, politics, political movements, political parties, cities, counties, governments, persons, authors, books, organizations, businesses etc.

For more precise categorization, see the actual Europe article or articles for individual countries such as Great Britain, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Crimea, etc.

To clarify, this category also includes historical persons, authors, organizations and businesses that are geographically located within Europe. This granularity is in keeping with the Libertarian concept of Localism (politics): "Think globally, act locally". This allows preppers-survivalists-patriots-citizens to view TSP Wiki content local to their region. (i.e. and

Please do not delete an article from the Category unless it has absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to do with the Category.

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