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The humble can opener is an excellent tool to carry in your Bug-out Bag as well as keep with your food storage. Along with any canned food you might have with you when you bug out, you may also find canned food while bugging-out either from barter or Scavenging. Can openers vary greatly in design and use, you may find that you prefer one type over another.


Types of Can Openers


Probably the most popular Bug-out can openers, the P38 and its larger variant the P51 are extremely simple very light weight tools that can be had for less than a dollar. The P38 was designed for U.S. Military C-Rations which came in small cans. The larger P51 can opener is made for cans up to #10 size. While simple and light, they can be somewhat difficult to use. To see a demonstration click here.

P-38 Can Opener.jpg

Multitool Can Opener

Most multitools include a can openers. They are generally similar in function to a P38/P51, but they are a little faster and easier to use because of the increased leverage of the larger handle.

Traditional Can Openers

The common household kitchen can opener could also be used, however, it would add a great deal of weight compared to the other options.

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