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Bison are a large herbivore native the North America. They can be raised as livestock similarly to cows for their meat and hides.

As far back as the late 1700's I have read news articles talking about how they were killed. One reporter claims he seen a man ride into town with 3 calves following him. Calves could smell their mothers in the hides he had on his pack horse.

Today Bison are seen as this great native animal. Highly intelligent, playful and a survivor.

There are shows at some of the Bison Conferences today, but as early as 1805 in London, a bison cow was in a cattle show. I can't think of anything new we are doing today that hasn't been tried in the past. The cool thing today I think, is the animal is more appreciated.

As with most things I think, the more you read about it's history, the more we understand and really "feel" the past and learn for the future. I have enjoyed researching bison as much as I have my own family. BB


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