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Bill O' Reilly On The O'Reilly Report

Bill O'Reilly is a commentator and host of the show The O'Reilly Factor on the Fox News Channel, which he calls the "No Spin Zone." O'Reilly calls himself a "traditionalist" and an "independent." O'Reilly is not strongly conservative, and he has ineptly tried to defend Obama against criticism for failing to provide his birth certificate. He is deeply disliked by many on the far left.

The average age of viewers of Bill O'Reilly's show is 71 years old, an audience perhaps older than anything broadcast on television.

O'Reilly's crankiness is sometimes confused with conservatism, which obviously has far more depth than his show offers. Often the show seems lost on social issues.

Much to the thrill of the lamestream media, O'Reilly held a pay-per-view online debate with "comedian" Jon Stewart on October 6, 2012, at George Washington University, with proceeds going to charity.[1] But the live streaming of the event was a bust due to technical ineptness.



O'Reilly's career was growing throughout the 1980s, but he received his "big break" when hired to anchor Inside Edition, a tabloid gossip and news program.[2]

His biggest success would come from hosting the The O'Reilly Factor. His show is the highest-rated hour on any cable news channel, with over 2.5 million people watching the show each night and millions more listening to his radio show.[3]

Politically, O'Reilly claimed to be an independent, but it was later revealed that he was actually a registered Republican in Nassau County from 1994 to 2000. O'Reilly re-registered as an independent soon after.[4]

Bill O'Reilly and homosexuality

The American Family Association reported:

On February 11, 2004, Bill O'Reilly, host of The O'Reilly Factor on the Fox News Channel, featured Kevin Jennings, the executive director of GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network.) Jennings, former teacher turned homosexual activist, along with a lesbian counterpart, discussed GLSEN's new pro-homosexual curriculum on marriage being marketed to children and youth in public schools all across America under the guise of "tolerance."...

O'Reilly, watched heavily by conservatives and Christians alike, shocked much of his constituency on September 3, 2002 when he publicly announced his support of homosexual rights in the nation's largest “gay” publication, The Advocate. His sympathetic, lenient views on “gay” adoption and his mixed-message stance on “gay” marriage have caused great dissent among his loyalists - and no doubt cost him viewers.[5]

WorldNetDaily stated the following regarding O'Reilly and his exchange with the ex-homosexual and evangelical minister Stephen Bennett:

Fox News is threatening to sue a prominent evangelical minister in the ex-homosexual movement who engaged in a volatile exchange over biblical morality on the top-rated television program "The O'Reilly Factor" in September.

Stephen Bennett, who says he left his homosexual lifestyle nearly 11 years ago, has distributed a 60-minute audio tape program called the "The O'Reilly Shocker," in which he responds to host Bill O'Reilly's characterization of people who take the Bible literally as "religious fanatics.".

Bennett said he has received hundreds of e-mails from viewers of the segment who said they were outraged at O'Reilly's "anger and verbal abuse." [6]

In response to the threatened lawsuit of the Fox News Channel the Agape Press reported:

But Mike DePrimo, senior litigation counsel for the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy, which represents Bennett, says Bennett has a right to distribute a recording of the program -- and that his use of the tape is legal under copyright law's allowance of fair use and comment.

"The law provides that even copyrighted material may be used, provided it's used not for commercial gain but for comment," DePrimo says. "Stephen Bennett used the material from the O'Reilly show simply to rebut the arguments O'Reilly put forward."

The attorney implies there may be another reason the popular O'Reilly wants distribution of the tape stopped -- and it has to do with image. "O'Reilly promotes himself as a conservative," DePrimo explains. "In fact, Bennett's tape shows that O'Reilly is simply another media elite who's advancing the homosexual agenda -- and he doesn't want to be exposed for what he is."[7]

Bill O'Reilly describes himself as a practicing Roman Catholic.[8] According to the Vatican individuals should not engage in homosexual acts as they are acts of serious depravity.[9]


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