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Arizona on February 14, 1912 became the forty-eighth state to enter the union. It is known as the Grand Canyon State. Its capital and largest city is Phoenix. [1]

Arizona has always been politically conservative, but until 1952 the conservative Democrats were in control. Thanks to Barry Goldwater, Republicans built a strong base and controlled the electoral vote. In recent years, the state has gained population rapidly and the two parties are evenly matched.

The growth engine of large scale immigration from California and Mexico, and housing construction collapsed with the Recession of 2008, and the economy is struggling.


Geography & Population

  • Total Land Area: 113,635 square miles
  • Highest Elevation: 12,633 ft (Humphreys Peak)
  • Population (in 2005): 5,939,292
  • Most populated cities in Arizona:
Phoenix, Population: 1,321,045
Tucson, Population: 486,699
Mesa, Population: 396,375
Glendale, Population: 218,812
Scottsdale, Population: 202,705 [2]

Arizona has a large population of people of Native American descent. The Indian tribes who inhabited the land that is now Arizona include the Apache, Navajo, Mojave and Yavapai. [3]

Political culture

In more recent years, the Republican Party has generally dominated Arizona politics and the state legislature. In 2004, President George W. Bush won the state's ten electoral votes by a margin of 10 percentage points with 55% of the vote, and in 2008 John McCain won the state with 54% of the vote. Republicans control both chambers of the state legislature. Their two United States Senators are Republican and no Democrat holds statewide office. However, Arizona became the first U.S. state to vote against an anti-gay marriage amendment in the 2006 midterm elections. Although gay marriage is still illegal in Arizona, this amendment would have abolished civil unions and domestic partnerships for homosexual couples. Arizona has consistently been a red state in presidential elections since 1952, except in 1996 when Bill Clinton won the state. Excepting Clinton, the last Democrat to win Arizona in a presidential election was Harry Truman in 1948.

Notable Arizonans

Elected Officials


File:Jan Brewer.jpg
Governor Jan Brewer


Retreat Potential Ranking Analysis by James Wesley Rawles

"Population: 5.1 million. Population Density: 44.7 per square mile (Rank 7 of JWR’s top 19 states). Area: 114,000 square miles (rank 6 of 50). Average home insurance cost: $438/yr. (rank 30 of 50). Crime Safety Ranking: 48 of 50.


Per capita income: $24,988 (rank 37 of 50). ACT & SAT Scores Ranking: 25 of 50.



[5] Plusses: Mild winters at lower elevations. Has the nation’s top rating in “education freedom” (the state is at the forefront of the charter school movement.) Open carry of handguns is legal and perhaps the most commonplace in the Lower 48. "No-permit required" concealed carry was enacted in 2010.


[5] Minuses: Intensely hot summers at lower elevations. Fairly high population density (by western states standards.) Water is scarce in much of the state. Very high crime rate! Expensive car insurance rates. (Because it has the highest car theft rate in the nation.) Nuclear targets. Proximity to the Mexican border. Some northern parts of the state are recommended (with provisos). Has a high ratio of illegal aliens. Note: I probably should have given Arizona a higher ranking, due to its favorable gun laws and long growing season. However, its very crime rate, high insurance costs, and proximity to the Mexican border pushed it down the list.

JWR’s Combined Retreat Potential Ranking: 9 of 19.

An Arizona Citizen Adds the Following Comments Just adding some thoughts on your assessment of Arizona. There are two Arizonas, the lower half at an average elevation of less than 3,000 feet, and the half up on the Colorado plateau at 5,000-8,000 feet, and the two are totally different. You are absolutely correct about Southern Arizona being too populated, too close the border, and too much crime, almost all of which is in metropolitan Phoenix. If ones does their research (and I am not going to spell it all out here), there are some locations that come in very high. First check your groundwater availability, some areas have intermittent surface water, and no aquifer. Other areas have excellent, clean, well flowing, deep aquifers. You will probably have to put in a well, either wind or solar powered. Solar power has an advantage in that it can be hidden better, but it had the disadvantage of being more technologically complex. [JWR Adds: The folks at Solarjack/SunPumps of Safford, Arizonaare both knowledgeable and reputable PV powered pump dealers. I first did business with them in 1991.] With a good well, you not only have drinking water, you can grow crops. There are large concentrations of LDS members in some areas, this is a good thing to look for, crime is low, and they make good neighbors, even if you are not LDS. Land is reasonably cheap ($200-$500/acre) out of the towns a few miles, but you will have the added expense of your well, which will cost $12-$15K including the windmill or solar, and solar electric generation for lights, and other power, which can add that much again, for a modest system. Game is available, and the population density is these localized areas is measured in square miles per person. My nearest neighbor is 3/4 of a mile away, the next closest is two miles in the opposite direction, and more than three miles each in the other two directions,yet there is a town of about 5,000 people, only nine miles by rough road, away. (The place I selected, allows my retreat to not be seen from the little traveled rutted dirt road in front of my place; the only indication that someone is even there, is a slightly overgrown track leading over a low ridge through some trees, from a nondescript barb wire fence gate. After one rainstorm, the track looks like it hasn't been traveled for months. The CONEX boxes are painted olive drab, and hidden by trees. blackout curtains are used at night in the neutral colored dwelling, you cannot see the place, day or night, from 40 yards away, even though there are large meadows on two sides, as I made sure at least some trees were between the open areas and the structures.) Cattle and crops are grown in the area, and there is game, ranging from rabbits to antelope to elk. Topography ranges from savannah, to juniper to tall pines, depending on the elevation. You are close enough that you can work/live in Phoenix, if needed, yet have a retreat available less than 200 miles away, just know ALL the ways out of town, and have stuff propositioned. And, if you have the money for $20-40K an acre, there are a few select areas in the 4000-5000 foot elevation that have year round running surface water, good flat ground for crops are isolated, surrounded by high mountains and easily defended, as the only two roads in, can be easily defended, or blocked - AZDoug"

NRA Grades Rankings of the State

What the NRA Grades mean

U.S. Senate

U.S. House of Representatives

Incremental Gun-Grabbing of the Nanny State

Liberals and socialists support "common sense" measures - a "good first step" of the Nanny State. To a citizen-prepper-patriot and to the Bill of Rights, this is "death by a thousand paper cuts".

This Second Amendment Foundation video is the formal response to Hollywood's Demand a Plan gun-grabbing propaganda video. The video shows one of the main differences between liberal gun control Nanny states (Blue states) and conservative and/or libertarian Second Amendment-supporting "free states" (Red states). This video shows why we vote with our feet:

Likely World War Three Target Structures

  • [[World_War_Three_Target_Structures#Tertiary_Targets|Tertiary Targets

List of Major Companies Headquartered in the State

Naughty State List

The naughty list of Nanny States was established by polling TSP listeners [7]

Below is the list of gun grabbing Constitution violating, Oath-breaker liberal Democrat elitist[8] [9] states[10]:

California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, Washington DC.

"The East Coast and West Coasts had the most liberal states including Vermont, Massachusetts, Delaware, New York, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, Maine, California and New Jersey." [11]

See Also


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