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The Spanish Emperor

Contributed by David Verne

Every emperor has come from Rome, until Trajan. Trajan was born near modern day Seville, Spain. It is suspected that his family might have been Italian and settled in Spain during the 200s BC, but he was still considered a provincial and not Italian. [1]

My Take by David Verne
Very few people cared about the fact that Trajan wasn't Italian. An important shift was happening in the Roman Empire during this time. All provinces, except for Britain, had been under Roman control for 100 years or longer, and the people had become Romanized and many of them were Roman citizens. The Empire was beginning to move away from the old Roman families holding all the power as more people began to be considered Roman. From Gaul to Syria, people still kept local customs, but they all spoke Latin and used the same currency. In America before the Civil War, people considered themselves citizens of their state first and the federal government separate, but after the War, Americans began to see themselves as just Americans.

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