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Pliny the Younger becomes Praetor

Contributed by Southpaw Ben

Pliny the Younger, best known for the surviving and documenting the Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD. He corresponded with many notable figures in Roman politics, such as multiple reigning emperors, as well notable historian Tacitus. 247 of these letters have survived into modernity and have been a very useful source for modern historians. Pliny's rise through politics is considered to be the a summary of the main Roman offices and is the best documented example during this era. Given he managed to survive the reigns of many different emperors, it speaks volumes to his ability to manipulate the political system and be favorable to all different types of emperors. This is further proven by the fact that he continued rising through the ranks throughout all these disparate emperors. His political career started around 80 AD, and this year he reached the rank of preator, after being Tribune of the Plebs (the People) in 91.

My Take by Southpaw Ben
Sorry I've been away so long; I had a crazy christmas break and transitioned to a different college campus since the last time I contributed. Anyways, Pliny is a great example of how TEOTWAWKI affects everybody differently, with some having their lives ruined or lost, such as those purged by different Emperors taking power; others will be largely unaffected, like many of the middle class citizens as a few governmental changes over the years affected them directly, but who weren't powerful enough to attract the wrath of the ruler du jour. Finally there are some who manage to thrive is the times of turmoil such as Pliny the Younger, who had a great political career despite the turmoil. Jack's teachings can help us to be able to design resilience into our lives so that we have the best chances of falling into the later two categories, that is those who survived largely unmolested and those who thrived.
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