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Invading Scotland

Contributed by David Verne

The governor of Britain, Agricola, has spent the last five years subduing Wales and also marches into Scotland almost unopposed. This year he raises a fleet and establishes a large fort north of modern day Perth. The Caledonians, the Scots, are a loose collection of tribes and haven't put up much resistance. A chieftain named Calgacus manages to unite many of the tribes to fight off the Romans, and in the middle of the night attack the fort, which is garrisoned by the 9th Hispana. The Caledonians burst into the fort and desperate hand to hand fighting continued for some time. Agricola received word and was able to relieve the garrison with cavalry reinforcements, preventing the possible destruction of the legion. He responds to this attack by pushing further north but is hampered by Domitian, who redeploys a several units from Britain to Gaul. Domitian is officially in Gaul to take a census but is actually on a mission to gain military glory of his own. [1] [2] [3]

My Take by David Verne
Scotland was the end of the world for the Romans, and they were scared by it. Without modern satellite images, they had to rely on their own scouts and local guides to map the new terrain. The historian Tacitus says that the Roman soldiers were terrified by the thought of monsters lurking in the mountains or druidic curses cast by vengeful tribes people. Whenever the Romans ventured beyond their borders into the wilderness beyond, their campaigns became an exploration mission as much as an invasion.

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