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Contributed by Southpaw Ben

My Take by Southpaw Ben

Meanwhile, on the German Frontier

Contributed by David Verne

The ongoing revolt in Dalmatia will continue throughout this year with Rome making steady progress, but trouble is brewing in the north. Publius Varus has been governing Germania for a year, and he has begun collecting taxes and dispensing justice, executions are common. Varus seems to think that the area is filled with people who willingly wish to become Roman citizens and doesn't consider that this isn't the case while holding court. Trade is flourishing and the tribes are providing auxiliary units to serve in the Roman army, but it is a simmering hotbed underneath. Varus' lieutenant is a German prince called Arminius. When he was a child, he was taken to Rome as a hostage to ensure his father's good behavior. Arminius became a Roman citizen and served with distinction in the Roman military; Varus trusts him completely. Arminius has been uniting the Germanic tribes in a secret alliance against Rome and is currently biding his time to strike. [1] [2]

My Take by David Verne
In ancient German law only two crimes could merit a death penalty, desertion and rape. All other crimes were settled with restitution, commonly livestock, being paid to the victim. This difference in legal customs was a major factor in stirring up the tribes. Each tribe was incredibly independent, and it's amazing that Arminius managed to get them to agree to the alliance. There were some tribal chiefs who didn't want to go along with it, including Arminius' uncle, but many of their followers ignored them and joined anways.

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