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Contributed by Southpaw Ben

My Take by Southpaw Ben

Scorched Earth

Contributed by David Verne

The revolt that broke out in Dalmatia, the modern day Balkans, still vastly outnumbers Roman soldiers in the region. Tiberius avoids an open battle to give more time for reinforcements to arrive and begins to harass small enemy units and burn farmland. Five legions from the East and militia from Italy arrive under the command of Germanicus Caesar, Tiberius' nephew. They expand the scorched earth campaign started by Tiberius and force the rebels into the mountains, cut off from supplies. It is the beginning of the end for the rebellion. [1]

My Take by David Verne
Whenever a military is conducting anti-insurgency operations, they must cut the rebels off from their base of support. If the local population sympathizes with the rebels, it is nearly impossible to defeat them. Scorched earth is frequently used as a means of cutting off supplies, and acts as a threat for any locals supporting the rebels. The rebels normally respond by threatening the populace if they don't support the rebellion, and in the end, the people who lose the most in this kind of war are those who don't fight for either side and get caught between them.

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