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Nakoku receives a golden seal

Southpaw Ben The Chinese Han emperor Guangwu of Han gave the seal to an envoy from the Nakoku kingdom, which is located on Kyushu, the southern most of Japan's four main islands. The seal was made of 95% pure gold and is a square seal with a coiled serpent for a handle. The text on it reads "King of the Japanese country of Na of Han", and likely signifies that the Nakoku kingdom was a vassal state of the Chinese Han empire. This seal was rediscovered on April 12, 1784 by a farmer repairing a drainage ditch, and was surrounded by stone, the lid of which was so heavy it required 2 people to life it. This seal is believed to have been described in the "Book of the Later Han", which is a chronicle of the Eastern Han Dynasty. The book states that the emperor conferred the seal to a diplomat who was on visiting from Japan.

King of Na gold seal.jpg

My Take by Southpaw Ben
I have heard Japanese culture described as taking Chinese culture and refining it. It is interesting to see how related and similar Japan and China are through history, such as how Japanese is based on Chinese, and how Buddhism was brought over from China and then adapted to better fit Japan. This gets even more interesting when we compare modern Japan and China, and how they've become very different and yet remain very similar at the same time. For example, both China and Japan have become major industrial powers, and yet are seen on completely opposite sides of that spectrum, as Japan is seen as the source of high quality goods, whether handmade or mass produced, while Chinese produced items have become synonomous with junk.

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