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Jesus of Nazareth is born?

Contributed by Southpaw Ben

While Jesus probably not this year, as most scholars believe that he was born in either 2 BC, 4 BC, or 6 BC, there are some scholars that do put his day of birth as late as 7 AD, though for a variety of reasons this is unlikely.

My Take by Southpaw Ben
The techniques used to determine what year events occurred this long ago are really interesting, as the use a mixture of astronomy, archeological discoveries, and records that survived the millennia to get within a very short time period of when events may have occurred, despite no direct record recording when it actually occurred.

Tiberius in Germania

Contributed by David Verne

Last year Tiberius was adopted by Augustus as his heir and has been given command over the German frontier. The only unconquered tribe remaining in eastern Germania was the Marcomanni. Tiberius has gathered ten legions, around 50,000 soldiers, in an attempt to stamp out any further resistance and turn the area into an actual province. The legions finish reaching their staging points and set up camp for the winter to prepare for campaign season in the spring. [1]

My Take by David Verne
This is just another campaign in what was a long and entangled relationship between Rome and the Germanic tribes. Rome used plenty of military force and diplomacy to influence the tribes but never managed to rule them. In Gaul, the Celts lived in fortified cities that the Romans could take, in Germania, the population was too scattered too rule. Germania will never pose a major threat to the Empire until the 5th century.

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  1. Germania Inferior.

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