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Britain gets a New Governor

Contributed by David Verne

Later this year, Publius Ostorius Scapula is appointed as the new governor of Britain. Tribes outside of the Roman controlled area take the chance to launch attacks, thinking that the new governor wouldn't lead a campaign at the beginning of winter. Scapula acts quickly and annihilates the scattered resistance. In order to prevent further uprising, he announces that all tribes under Roman rule must be disarmed. The Iceni, a powerful tribe that had allied with Rome before any battles and still were at their full strength. They encouraged other tribes to join them and assembled at an area enclosed by a large earthen dike, with a small entrance that would prevent the Romans from using their auxiliary cavalry. Scapula's army forces their way through the barrier at the entrance and climbs over the walls. The Britons' defenses now trapped them in, and they were defeated, but the Iceni were allowed to keep their independence. Next year Roman territory will reach the Irish Sea, cutting off the Welsh tribes from the tribes in the north of the island. [1]

My Take by David Verne
Scapula will continue the pacification of Britain in the following years. The chief leading the fiercest resistance against the Romans was Caratacus, and he was now stuck in Wales, cut off from any potential allies in the north. The Romans were the originators of the phrase divide and conquer, and they were using it to great effect in Britain. The Romans also had another phrase, divide and rule.

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