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England is conquered. Mostly.

Contributed by Southpaw Ben

This year Claudius will return home after the campaign in Britain, declaring it a victory, as they had conquered the capital of the Vespians. However, the fighting in Britain will continue for well over a decade.

My Take by Southpaw Ben
This goes to show one of the major advantages of being part of a decentralized nation. Even when your capital is captured, you just move your base of operations and continue fighting. While this didn't end up working for the British in the long run, it did mean they weren't completely taken over in a single campaign, but only after many years of fighting.

An Imperial Cabinet

Contributed by David Verne

Claudius is the first emperor since Augustus to show an interest in governing the Empire and has busied himself with reforms and directly ruled on dozens of legal cases every day. The Senate has proven to be as useless as they were during Tiberius' time, but unlike Tiberius, Claudius wants to get things done. He begins to create an efficient bureaucracy to help him run the government and part of this bureaucracy is an Imperial cabinet made up of capable freedmen. The cabinet was made up of his Secretary of Correspondence, or Chief of Staff, Narcissus; the Secretary of Justice, Gaius Julius Callistus, the Secretary of the Treasury, Pallas, and the Secretary of Miscellany , Polybius. This cabinet proves to be highly effective, and Pallas is given an award by the Senate for getting the Empire out of the massive deficit created by Caligula without seizing everyone's estates. Claudius is still considered an ineffective emperor by the Senate and everything he does get done is attributed to his cabinet whispering in his ear. [1]

My Take by David Verne
The wealthier Romans of Senatorial and Equestrian rank saw clerical work as beneath them, until they saw how well the freedmen secretaries and clerks of Claudius' bureaucracy were doing, and the Senate was insulted at not being included, even though they were the ones who didn't want to govern. The Treasury Secretary, Pallas, was rumored to be the wealthiest man who ever lived during the Roman Empire. After Claudius' reign, becoming part of the Imperial bureaucracy was an honor that many men of Equestrian rank used to start their careers. His reforms also made an Empire relying more and more on the Emperor, or executive branch, much more effective.

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