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The Trưng Sisters

Contributed by Southpaw Ben

My Take by Southpaw Ben

The Invasion of Britain

Contributed by David Verne

After his "victory" in Germania, Caligula has decided to launch an invasion of Britain. The Britons began preparing for the first Roman invasion of Britain since Julius Caesar's expedition 95 years before. When Spring came, Caligula lined his soldiers in battle formation on the beach facing the English Channel and had his catapults fire into the sea. He then ordered his soldiers to go and collect all the seashells from the beach to bring back to Italy as spoils of war. Once he arrived back in Rome, he celebrated a dual triumph to commemorate his success in Germania and Britain and had the seashells displayed as treasure.

My Take by David Verne
When Julius Caesar invaded Britian in 55 B.C., he failed to conquer the island. The Romans never liked the sea and Caesar lost many ships and soldiers attempting the crossing. His only success was installing a puppet king on one of the southern tribes, and as soon as he left the tribe overthrew this king.

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