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Contributed by Southpaw Ben

My Take by Southpaw Ben

Floating Bridges and Fake Germans

Contributed by David Verne

Caligula continues his ridiculous and expensive stunts and embarks on one of his most ambitious this year. He orders hundreds of ships to line up in the Bay of Baiae (modern day gulf of Naples). They are packed with earth to create a two mile pontoon bridge from the vacation spot of Baiae to the port of Puteoli. He then rode his horse across. The lack of merchant freighters caused by this conscription will cause a grain shortage in Rome next year. His continuous spending and disrespect cause some senators to start plotting against him. When Caligula heard of this, he called a special meeting of the Senate and revealed that he had made copies of all the treason trial notes that he had burned at the beginning of his reign. The treason trials have started again. It was during this time that he threatened to name his horse as consul, saying that the horse was smarter than the whole Senate put together. Caligula had barely any political training before becoming emperor, but he completely lacked military experience. Deciding that this was something he needed to fix, he began a campaign against the Germans. He leads an army across the Rhine but was too nervous to head into the forest. Wanting a battle, he sent some allied Gauls into the forest dressed as Germans and charged them when they emerged from the woods. After this "battle", he walked around the camp talking about his bravery while most of the army stayed at the camp when reports of the "attack" arrived. Then the emperor and his entourage nearly trampled several soldiers getting the emperor back to the Rhine when word came that there was an actual German army in the area. To save face, Caligula declared victory. [1]

My Take by David Verne
Legend says that Tiberius' astrologer said that Caligula had as much chance of becoming emperor as crossing the Bay of Baiae on horseback, and Caligula wanted to get rid of that prediction. His death warrant was probably signed when he reinstated the treason trials. Tiberius was paranoid, but could still be reasoned with. Caligula is anything but. When your life is on the line, survival instincts take over, and murderous plots are begun in Rome, while Caligula is off playing soldier.

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  1. Duncan, Mike (June 28, 2009). No Better Slave, No Worse Master.

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