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Samaritan Revolt Is A Pyrric Victory

Contributed by Southpaw Ben

This year the Sumaritans under the rule of Pontius Pilate revolt. He ruthlessly crushes this uprising. So ruthlessly, in fact that it will cause his removal from power.

My Take by Southpaw Ben
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK! While this revolt likely was against Rome itself and not just over the rule of Pilate, replacing him with a more lenient ruler would likely have been seen as a decent compromise by many rebelling. However, like with any rebellion, the hardcore rebels would have been opposed this, as having a more oppressive ruler creates a political environment ripe for support of rebellion.

War in Judea

Contributed by David Verne

The semi-independent client king of Judea, Herod Antipas, has been defeated multiple times by Aretas IV of Nabatea. The war was declared when Herod divorced Aretas' daughter. Herod appeals to Tiberius for aid, and Tiberius orders Lucius Vitellius, the governor of Syria, to protect Herod. The campaign begins and Vitellius moves south to Jerusalem for the winter but will turn back around when spring arrives next year. News reached him of Tiberius' death. [1]

My Take by David Verne
Judea was in a nebulous political situation at the time. It was ruled by the three sons of Herod the Great, between whom Rome had divided up the territory. The divorce widened disputes over territory and sparked open conflict. Lucius Vitellius was a respected politician but was never historically noteworthy. His son, Aulus Vitellius, will become remembered in history as one of the emperors during the Year of Four Emperors.

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  1. Aretas IV Philopatris.

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