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Tiridates III becomes king of the Parthian Empire

Contributed by Southpaw Ben

The Parthian nobles rebelled against their king this year. They then asked Tiberius to return Tiridates, who had been a hostage in Rome. Royal and Noble hotages were exchanged during this time period as a means of insurance that treaties and similar agreements would be obeyed. The Parthian Empire was centered around Iran.

My Take by Southpaw Ben
Unfortunately for Tiridates, his reign will only last for one year, as his constituents will see him as a vassal to Rome. This is because he was educated in Rome while a hostage, and brought a Roman military advisor with him to help complete the overthrow of Artabanus III, which was the correct choice militarily, but turned out to be a fatal mistake politically.

First Christian Martyr

Contributed by David Verne

Stephen was the first of seven deacons appointed by the twelve Apostles, the closest followers and friends of Jesus. The deacons were appointed to assist with distributing food and charity to the poor. Stephen gets into a debate with the Sanhedrin, the supreme court of the Jews. He denounces them as being "stiff-necked" and declared that Jesus was standing at the right hand of God. The Sanhedrin and the crowd cry out at what they saw as blasphemy and stoned him to death. He is the first Christian martyr.

My Take by David Verne
Jesus was executed by the Sanhedrin and the High Priest because He was disruptive politically. The Jews had been able to have more autonomy than most other provinces, and the Jewish leaders feared that any loss of face would cause them to lose power, thus giving the Romans more control. They thought they took care of the problem when they executed Jesus, but the Apostles continued to spread Christianity. You can kill a person, but it is impossible to kill an idea.

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