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Contributed by Southpaw Ben

My Take by Southpaw Ben

Problems finding an Heir

Contributed by David Verne

Agrippina, the widow of Germanicus, will die in prison this year, starving herself to death. Her son Drusus will be intentionally starved to death. Tiberius is left in a tight spot because he still needed someone to succeed him but has killed most of his family. There were still four of Germanicus' children alive. Three daughters, who were married off on Tiberius' orders, and a 19 year old son, Gaius Julius Caesar, whose nickname was Caligula. Caligula was invited to live with Tiberius in 31 AD and managed to survive by hiding any resentment and acting as a loyal servant to the emperor. [1]

My Take by David Verne
Caligula, which translates into "little soldier's boot", received his nickname from the small uniform he wore while travelling with his father to military camps. He was quite popular with the soldiers, and many hoped that he would eventually end Tiberius, his grandfather, reign of terror and bring the Empire onto a better path. However, I think it's safe to say the Caligula was deeply traumatized by having to live with and pretend to not resent his grandfather, who had killed his mother, two older brothers, and possibly his father.

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