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About the Story

The 299 Days series, published by Prepper Press and written by Glen Tate, is a ten-book novel about the collapse of the United States. In it, the main character, Grant Matson, has a job that allows him to see what’s wrong with big government. He realizes he needs to prepare for what’s coming and he does so. His wife, Lisa, is reluctant to prepare because she thinks things are just fine. When the civil unrest and political collapse hit in a dramatic way, it is undeniable that they need to leave their Olympia, Washington home and bug-out to their bugout location/survival retreat cabin in the American Redoubt. But, Lisa is still reluctant; she desperately wants things to remain “normal

Out at the cabin, a collection of amazing–yet real–people assemble. They create their own community because the government isn't functioning in their area. They have to work together and, as a survival community, they manage to achieve some impressive results. Unlike most prepper fiction, in 299 Days America suffers a partial collapse. The power utilities stay one (due to a spell-binding plot twist) and the government functions in big cities. People in rural areas still get some food and services from the government, but must increasingly rely on themselves. There are no zombies or cannibalism; 299 Days describes a much more likely partial collapse scenario.

Grant’s friends, who work in government, describe how things continue to go down hill in the city and how the government is trying to maintain control. They describe exactly why the government, as big and powerful as it once was, cannot control things. Many in the military and law enforcement step in to stop the bad things; others in the military and law enforcement perpetuate the bad things.

After a while out at the cabin, some important visitors arrive and present Grant with a difficult choice. Eventually, the Patriots – the side Grant is on – are forced to take on what’s left of the former government. There is a huge battle. In the end, Grant has an important job at the beginning of the rebuilding society.[1]

Books in the series

  • Book 1: 299 Days: The Preparation

Kindle Edition

  • Book 2: 299 Days: The Collapse

Kindle Edition

  • Book 3: 299 Days: The Community

Kindle Edition

  • Book 4: 299 Days: The Stronghold

Kindle Edition

  • Book 5: 299 Days: The Visitors

Kindle Edition

  • Book 6: 299 Days: The 17th Irregulars

Kindle Edition

  • Book 7: 299 Days: The War

Kindle Edition

  • Book 8: 299 Days: The Change of Seasons

Kindle Edition

  • Book 9: 299 Days: The Restoration


  • Book 10: 299 Days: Release Date: TBA

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