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The Death of Jesus?

Contributed by Southpaw Ben

According to Catholic tradition, this is the year Jesus died. There is a range of years that fit the description given in the gospel, such as Pilate ruling Judea and Caiphus being high priest.

My Take by Southpaw Ben
Other Christian traditions place he death at slightly different times decade of overlap between the two leader's reigns, from 26-36 AD, depending on how they interpret other clues in the gospels as to the exact year.(Note: Ben is a Christian and believes in the death and miraculous Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Plans come to Fruition

Contributed by David Verne

Tiberius' mother, Livia, has been the only person standing in the way of Sejanus and his plans to gain more power. She dies this year at the age of 86, and Sejanus is giddy now that he has practically free reign. His main opposition was Agrippina, who was still claiming that Tiberius had killed her husband, and she was trying to get her two oldest sons, Nero and Drusus, named as heirs. Tiberius hated her and once offered her an apple at a dinner party with her. When she refused, he claimed that it was a test and it proved she didn't trust him, while she claimed he tried to poison her. Sejanus didn't even need to act on his own as Tiberius ordered him to get rid of them. Sejanus gets them tried and convicted on charges of treason without too much trouble. Nero was murdered after the trial, while Agrippina and Drusus are thrown in a prison on the island of Pandataria off the coast of Italy. Sejanus is now completely controls all contact with Tiberius and plays on the 71 year old emperor's paranoia. Every year a few men were tried for treason, but now it began to be a daily event. Sejanus ran the treason trials in the name of protecting Tiberius, but it became clear to everyone that it was a bloody purge of any senator or official who he saw as a threat. Sejanus had finally gained the power he sought after, but several senators, fearing for their lives, began trying to get a message through to Tiberius. [1]

My Take by David Verne
The Treason Trials will become a fixture of Tiberius' reign and will be one of the things he is remembered for. In his villa on the island of Capri, his mental state seems to have deteriorated and many rumors have come down through history of his debauchery. Sejanus has the power to eliminate his enemies, but this will be his undoing.

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