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Pontius Pilate declared Prefect of Judea

Contributed by Southpaw Ben This year, Pontius Pilate, of biblical fame/infamy, was declared the 5th prefect of Judea. The main archeological evidence of Pilate is a limestone block called "The Pilate Stone", which is a damaged limestone block, containing a fragment of an inscription, believed to read "To the Divine Augusti [this] Tiberieum ...Pontius Pilate ...prefect of Judea ...has dedicated [this]" Parts of the names and titles aren't completely readable, so archeologists are assuming it reads as such.





is what is actually inscribed, with things such as the full title and names being filled in based on written sources about this time, such as the biblical gospels, and later Roman and Jewish historians.

My Take by Southpaw Ben
Jewish historians report that Pilate nearly cause revolt due to his insensitivity to Jewish customs, and this will eventually cause him to be removed from his position as prefect. One such example was that previous prefects would remove images and effigies from their standards when entering Jerusalem. Pilate simply had his soldiers bring the normal standards in at night, causing a riot the next morning. He had his soldiers surround the Jews and threaten to kill them, to which the Jews essentially said "Bring it" as they would rather die that see the desecration of Mosaic law (The law of Moses). Finally Pilate removed the images. Throughout the historical writings of Jewish historian Josephus, multiple such incidents occur before he would be deposed by Lucius Vitellius after an especially harsh crushing of a Samaritan rebellion.

Tiberius leaves Rome

Contributed by David Verne

Sejanus has continued to feed Tiberius' paranoia by playing up the threat posed by Agrippina and other officials. He has shown Tiberius "evidence" showing that everyone was out to get him. Tiberius becomes so afraid that he leaves the city for his villa on Capri. He continues to give excuses about being to busy or issues with travel but promises the Senate that he will return as soon as possible. Sejanus acts as Tiberius' regent relaying orders from Tiberius to Rome, but only the ones he approves. Tiberius' fear of returning to Rome is so significant that he will never return to Rome during his reign. Sejanus' power has grown significantly, but he is forced to sit on his hands while waiting for Livia to die. [1]

My Take by David Verne
Tiberius wasn't well liked in Rome, especially after the death of Germanicus, but it wasn't to the point where he would have been assassinated. He was a capable administrator and didn't drag the empire into debt, but he was too paranoid for his own good. His own natural worry about someone trying to replace him blinded him to the one man who was trying to replace him. He trusted Sejanus so completely that he referred to him Socius Laborum, Partner of my Toils.

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