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Han Dynasty Restored at last

Contributed by Southpaw Ben 2 years after the death of Wang Mang, the Han Dynasty is finally officially restored. On August 5, 25 Liu Xiu was made Emperor Guangwu of Han. With this, the Estern Han Dynasty has begun and will continue until 220 AD and was called this because it's capital city, Luoyang, was to the east of the previous capital city, Chang'an.

My Take by Southpaw Ben
Liu Xiu was Liu Yan's brother. Yan had been killed for treason by the weak-willed interem emperor so Liu Xiu avoided publicly mourning and was made a general for that. This all occurred in 23-24 AD

Stirring up Trouble

Contributed by David Verne

After Germanicus died, the governor of Syria, Gnaeus Piso, was summoned to Rome to answer charges of murder. He wasn't convicted because he committed suicide shortly after arriving in Rome. Agrippina, Germanicus' widow, has been stirring up trouble for Tiberius and Sejanus by gathering senators and other allies around her who believed that Tiberius had a hand in Germanicus' death. She campaigns for her sons to be named Tiberius' heirs and forms what could be considered an opposition party against Tiberius. Tiberius has withdrawn further from the public since the death of his son, Drusus, and begins to rely more and more on Sejanus. Sejanus takes on the role of administrative assistant and only allows letters, laws, and visitors that he approves to reach Tiberius, but he can't block everything or eliminate threats like Agrippina because of Tiberius' mother, Livia. Livia, the former wife of Augustus, is 85 years old and commands a great deal of respect and influence in Rome. It was rumored that she was actually the one running the Empire, and Tiberius constantly tried to get out of her shadow. Nevertheless, she did look out for her son, and Sejanus knew better than to cross her. [1]

My Take by David Verne
The descendants and relatives of Augustus were split into two lines, the Julians, or Germanicus' side, and the Claudians, or Tiberius' side. These two sides of the family didn't outright hate each other, but after Germanicus' death that changed quickly. Augustus' powers were given to him by the Senate, as he was trying to maintain the illusion of Republican authority, and his powers were inherited by his heirs. This limited the power struggle to his family and their allies. Both sides, with the exclusion of Tiberius, agreed on one thing, that Sejanus was a snake. They couldn't prove anything because he was careful due to his fear and hatred of Livia.

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