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The Silla Dynasty gets a new king

Contributed by Southpaw Ben The Silla Dynasty has been ruling the Korean peninsula since 57 BC, and will continue to rule it until 935 AD. This will make it one of the longest continuous dynasties in history. King Yuri (I think pronounced "You-Dee" based on my Japanese cousin-in-law's name) was given power upon his father's death, despite his father saying on his death bed he'd rather Talhae, his daughter's no Sillian husband, be made king. However Talhae felt that would be improper and Yuri was made king.

My Take by Southpaw Ben
it's amazing how much stock many ancient cultures put in having the king's son be made the next ruler. Monarchical succession is always a roll of the dice, and we will see how Talhae decision turns out in future segments.

North Africa Secured

Contributed by David Verne

When Tacfarinas heard that the 9th Hispana had been shipped out of Africa, he began rallying a new army saying that the Romans were already pulling out of Africa and soon they would leave completely. The Roman governor, Dolabella, now only has the 3rd Augusta and gathers every ally and mercenary he can. He splits his force into four columns and with the help of cavalry and guides from an allied tribe, pursues Tacfarinas. They eventually track the rebels to a ruined fortress and spend the night surrounding the camp. The camp is unfortified and the rebels slept in the open. At dawn, the Romans charged and caught the rebels completly by surprise. The legionaries fight like mad, but their centurions focus them on their one objective, preventing Tacfarinas from escaping again. He and his bodyguards are found and surrounded. Tacfarinas refuses to be captured, as he would be dragged through the streets of Rome in a parade. He charges at the legionaries and is brought down by their javelins. Dolabella writes to Tiberius requesting Triumphal Decorations for finishing what the previous three governors had tried to do and with a smaller army. Tiberius doesn't award him, because Sejanus convinced him not to, not wanting the glory of his uncle Blaesus diminished. [1]

My Take by David Verne
One of the things that made the legions so dominant was their skill in engineering. The legions would march up to 20 miles a day. Scouts traveled ahead of the main army and would pick a site for that night's camp. By the time the rest of the army arrived, the site was marked out with ropes and flags showing where each tent, kitchen and wall would go. Each legionary carried a pick and shovel, and the army would set to work cutting sod and constructing wooden gatehouses to build a fortified camp for the night. This allowed them to defeat besieging armies many times their size and sleep in relative safety every night, unlike the African rebels.

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