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The fall of the Xin dynasty and death of Wang Mang

Contributed by Southpaw Ben This year, the agrarian revolt joined forces with Liu Yan's attempt to reclaim the throne for the Han Dynasty,with incredible effectiveness. Wang Mang was killed during the battle for the capital. Immediately after his death, the soldiers there for it turned on each other, fighting for the right to claim to have killed him and resulted in tens of them dying. Because Liu Yan's was such a good leader, he won the respect of his troops as well as the troops of his fellow rebel leaders, and as he was descended from the Han Dynasty, wanted him made the new emperor. As a result these other leaders got jealous of him and, as none of them were of Han Dynastic descent, found a weak willed descendent they made emperor who they could use as a puppet, and made Liu Yan Prime Minister (this all happened during the revolution before they had killed Want Mang.).

My Take by Southpaw Ben
It's interesting to see how quickly allies can turn on each other when there's a chance at glory honor or power. We see this both with the low ranking soldiers over who killed the emperor, as well as with the rebel leaders.

The Emperor's son is Dead

Contributed by David Verne

Lucius Sejanus, the Praetorian prefect, has been using his position to gain power and influence with Tiberius. Tiberius has been giving more responsibilities to his son, Drusus, who Sejanus sees as a roadblock for his ambition. Sejanus couldn't gain favor with Drusus like he could with Tiberius because Drusus hated him and even punched him during a heated argument. Sejanus came up with a plan to eliminate Drusus and advance his own social standing. He tries and succeeds in seducing Drusus' wife Livilla. She agrees to help poison Drusus, and they are so successful that no one suspects that he was killed. Tiberius begins to rely on Sejanus and trusts him completely but blocks his attempt to marry Livilla because she was a member of the Imperial family and Sejanus had too low of a social standing. [1]

My Take by David Verne
The Praetorian Guard, literal translation- general's tent guard, was officially established under the reign of Augustus. They were a combination of personal guards for the Emperor, police force for Rome, and an intelligence service. Tiberius moved them from separate bases to a central camp outside of Rome and raised their numbers to 12,000 men. They were supposed to have two prefects of equal standing to prevent power from accumulating into one person, but Tiberius ignored this practice and only appointed Sejanus. Under Sejanus the Guard will realize the political power they had, they guarded the emperor at night, and from this point on, no one will become emperor without the approval of the Praetorian's.

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