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Contributed by David Verne

Tiberius has decided to award Blaesus not only Triumphal Decorations, but also gives him the title Imperator (victorious general). The Senate begins questioning Tiberius as to why the 9th Hispana legion remains in Africa if the Romans are victorious over the rebel, Tacfarinas. Facing political pressure, Tiberius orders the new governor of Africa, Dolabella, to send the 9th back. Dolabella can't refuse the emperor and sends them back even though Tacfarinas is still at large gathering a new army. [1]

My Take by David Verne
Imperator is the root word for Emperor and was given as a title to a victorious general by the Senate or his men. When Augustus became the first emperor, he had the title of princep, first citizen. It took some time before the term emperor was used by the Romans themselves, but it became more common when the soldiers would hail their general as imperator, or their choice for emperor.

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