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Tiberius has his 4th consulship

Contributed by Southpaw Ben

This year, Tiberius will be elected consul for his fourth term. At the end of this year, he begins to tire of politics, and will begin making his way out of the political arena.

My Take by Southpaw Ben
Tiberius seems to some historians to never really have been interested in ruling, at least not with a tight grip on the reins of power. He often gave vague orders and wished for the Senate to make decisions itself, not just rely on his decree for everything. As a result of this, he said that the Senate consisted of "men fit to be slaves". This sentiment still rings true today when one looks at modern Congress and how they kowtow to every lobbyist with a dollar to his name.

Search and Destroy

Contributed by David Verne

This year's governor of Africa is Junius Blaesus. He is an experienced veteran and the uncle of Sejanus, Tiberius' advisor and commander of the Praetorian Guard. As soon as he arrives, Tacfarinas sends envoys to Rome demanding large amounts of land and money from Tiberius and threatening to continue an eternal war. Tiberius rejects these and tells Blaesus to offer pardons to any rebels who laid down arms, but Tacfarinas was to be captured or killed. Blaesus prepares three divisions under the command of himself, his son, and Cornelius Scipio, a general sent from Rome. Blaesus marched south through the middle of the province, while his son and Scipio guarded surrounded the east and west flanks, cutting off any means of escape. They rendezvoused in what is now southern Tunisia. They set up forts and began sending out units on search and destroy missions. Tacfarinas was soon cut off with his forces scattering to save themselves. The Romans returned with many prisoners, but Tacfarinas managed to escape again. Tiberius saw this as good enough and awarded Blaesus Triumphal Decorations. [1]

My Take by David Verne
While the Romans had more success this year, the result was pretty much the same. Tacfarinas escaped and will return with an army next year. I think one issue was the constant changing of command. Africa was a senatorial province, and it had a one to two year term limit for a governor.(I provided a link below if anyone is curious about Roman provinces.)

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