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Notable Births

  • Monica Lewinsky: White House intern and love interest of President Bill Clinton. (Note: Alex Shrugged has a tenuous connection with the Lewinsky family.) [1] [2]
  • -- Supermodels... Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum. [1]
  • -- In Comedy... Dave Chappelle, Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy), Seth Meyers (SNL), and Kristen Wiig (SNL). [1]
  • -- In TV... Tori Spelling (90210). [1]
  • -- In Sports... Terrell Owens. [1]

This Year in Film

  • The Sting: Con men seek revenge for the murder of their old friend. Ragtime music becomes popular again. [3]
  • The Exorcist: Linda Blair plays a girl possessed by the devil. The music "Tubular Bells" becomes popular. [3]
  • American Graffiti: Young people coming of age. These young actors are future big names: Harrison Ford, Richard Dryfus, Ron Howard and more. [3]
  • -- And the controversial..." Jesus Christ Superstar, Soylent Green and Westworld. [3]

This Year in TV

  • The Six Million Dollar Man: Bionic implants give a former astronaut superhuman strength. [4]
  • Kojak: Actor Telly Savalas becomes the icon for American shoot-em-up TV. [4]
  • Schoolhouse Rock!: A series of educational, animated shorts. (Effective.--alexshrugged) [4]

This Year in Music

  • Angie: The Rolling Stones. [5]
  • Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'round the Old Oak Tree: Tony Orlando & Dawn. [5]
  • Crocodile Rock: Elton John. [5]
  • The OPEC Oil Crisis is depressing record sales: Oil products are used to make plastic records. [5]

This Year in Video Games

  • Pong clones dominate: Jukebox and arcade game companies scramble to take advantage of the video game craze. [6]

In Other News

These are events under consideration.

  • The OPEC oil embargo triggers an energy crisis: . [7]
  • The Yom Kippur War begins: This is the 4th and largest Arab–Israeli conflict. [7]
  • Rowe vs Wade Abortion Ruling - The Supreme Court removes the power of states to prohibit abortions and sets standards for the viability of a fetus. America will learn what a fetus is, what a trimester is and forget what "viability" means. [8]
  • The US Dollar is Devalued - President Nixon devalues the dollar 10%. This is the second devaluation of the dollar. [9]
  • Federal Express Delivers - FedEx begins operations. The founder, Fred Smith, got a "C" on his original paper proposing an overnight delivery service by air. [10]

  • The Vietnam War and the War Powers Act - The Paris Peace Accords end the US involvement in the Vietnam War. Also the War Powers Act becomes law, limiting Presidents from getting involved in "Police Actions" like Vietnam....supposedly. [11] [12]
  • Nixon says "I am not a crook.": Only crooks feel compelled to say that. [7]
  • Nixon fires Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox: Calls for Nixon's impeachment ensues. It also sets up Robert Bork to be denied a place on the Supreme Court years later. [7]
  • G. Gordon Liddy Goes to Prison - The guy who will sell gold on TV as early as 2008 begins his prison sentence for his part in the Watergate wiretapping break-in. [13] [14]

  • It's LITE Beer - The Miller Brewing Company introduces Lite Beer... "Great Taste...Less Filling!" [15]

  • The Endangered Species Act is passed into law: . [7]
  • The Tran-Alaska Pipeline is approved: Carabou celebrate. [7]
  • The World Trade Center Opens - It will be attacked with a truck bomb in 1975 and then collapse when two hijacked airplanes will crash into the towers in 2001. [16]
  • Indian activists hold off federal authorities at Wounded Knee... again: .[7]

United Kingdom

  • Coal Shortages Force a 3-Day Work Week - A coal miner's strike forces the UK government to reduce the work week to 3 days in order to conserve commercial electricity usage from coal-burning power plants. Television stations are required to shutdown by 10:30 PM. [17]
  • 1.6 million UK workers stop working: They are protesting the Government's anti-inflation policy. [7]
  • The PIRA explode bombs in Whitehall and the Old Bailey: . [7]


  • Skylab becomes the 1st US Space Station: . [7]
  • Pioneer 10 sends back pictures of Jupiter: . [7]
  • Comet Kohoutek is discovered: . [7]
  • ATMs are Patented - The patent for the first Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) is granted. [18]
  • The First Cell Phone Call - Motorola's Martin Cooper makes the first cell phone call to his competitor, Joel Engle, at Bell Labs and says, "Joel... I'm calling you from a cell phone... a REAL cell phone!" The Dyanatech weighs two and a half pounds and has a battery life of 20 minutes. [19] [20][21]

This Year in Wikipedia

Year 1973, Wikipedia.

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