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The "Angel of Death" is Born

Contributed by Alex Shrugged

Charles Cullen is born this year. He will become the most prolific serial killer in history topping out at an estimated 400 dead. The Navy will discharge him in 1984 after several suicide attempts. His first remembered murder will be committed on June 11, 1988 at St. Barnabas Medical Center when he administers an overdose to Judge John W. Yengo who had an allergic reaction to medication. He will continue murdering patients at that hospital for another 4 years, some directly and some by contaminating intravenous bags with insulin. When the hospital starts an investigation, he leaves, and continues his killing spree at other hospitals. After 20 years, he will be discovered, arrested and plead guilty. But for now, he is just a baby, the youngest of eight children and the son of a bus driver living in New Jersey. [1] [2]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
In the news coverage, Cullen was portrayed as "The Angel of Death", as if he was God's agent ending the suffering of the terminally ill, but most of his victims were not terminally ill. Many of his murders seemed purely random. Cullen was mentally ill, but that does not mean he was mentally incompetent. He appeared reasonably normal. What is astonishing is the lack of monitoring by the medical staff. This case led to tightening up of the monitoring of the day-to-day work at hospitals... more than simply checking for narcotics abuse and theft. The horses may have left the barn, but there will be other horses. Cullen was sentenced to over 100 years in prison, and as of this writing, he is still there.

Coming to America... Broke but not Broken

Contributed by Alex Shrugged

"¿Cuántas agujas vamos a meter en Fidel, m'ija?" (How many needles will we put in Fidel, my daughter?)
"Vamos a meter una, dos, tres..." (Let's put one, two, three...)
-- Nursery rhyme taught to Cuban exile, Gigi Anders, by her mother. [3]

Fidel Castro's Cuban Revolution is over, so it is out with the OLD, corrupt regime and in with the NEW, corrupt regime. Men with guns break into the homes of Cubans taking inventory, or just taking. The Castro regime nationalizes, over 25 billion dollars in private property including Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola, International Telephone & Telegraph, Bacardi, Colgate-Palmolive and household silverware. He targets American holdings, so President Eisenhower expands the Cuban financial embargo to prohibit exports to Cuba except medicine and food. The small business owners are now jobless with their finances frozen. Many will make their way to the United States. Little Gigi peddles her tricycle along the tarmac with her mother and father in tow. A Cuban guerrilla forbids her to take her tricycle on the plane. She screams, "NO! IT'S MINE!" The guard relents, but beyond the clothes on her back, Gigi doesn't own much else. Luckily, her parents have skills, an education, and a will to survive. They'll make it, but woe to those they have left behind. [4]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
The best of Cuba got out while the getting was good, and that was generally to the benefit of those countries that took them in. Gigi Anders became a journalist and author. Presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are children of Cuban exiles. And since we are talking about Cuba, 1960 was also the year that Che Guevara had that iconic photo taken of him. It has been used for years on posters and T-shirts making money for greedy capitalists. I find that ironic, but if one of my kids ever came home wearing one of those shirts, I'd boot them right in the backside. [5] [6]
My Take by Southpaw Ben
I remember in an old Backwoods Home magazine there was a joke section which with a subsection called "Something to offend damn near everybody", and one of the jokes was "What’s the Cuban national anthem?" “Row, row, row your boat.” [7] And on the Che Guevara shirts, a lot of those who wear those shirts are the ones who protest Trump for getting too cozy with Russia because of their human rights violations... Seriously.

The Second Civil Rights Act and the Trap for Minorities

Contributed by Alex Shrugged

President Eisenhower (R) has signed into law the second of his Civil Rights Acts. The Republican Party certainly has feet of clay, but the Democrat Party is the mud-slinging home of the die-hard racists. This is especially true of the South, but the North is not immune. It is simply different. LBJ is Senate Majority Leader and he has been delaying, obstructing and otherwise trying to torpedo the bill, but it gets by him and his fellow Democrats. This law is not the all-encompassing, fix-it-all solution that the Democrat leadership will propose after John F. Kennedy takes office. The politics of race has delayed implementation of Civil Rights, but make no mistake, it is Republicans standing four-square for civil rights. There are a few Democrats who genuinely care, but they are thin on the ground. This new law will prohibit consideration of race and color during the voting process. It does not consider place of natural origin. It also sets fines for poll workers who alter the voting records or lose them, and empowers a commission with oversight responsibilities. The commission has a time limit placed on it, and no quotas. That would be crazy. Right? [8]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
During the 1950's the lot of black people had been improving steadily. By that I mean the number of black people with doctorates was increasing, and black people in business. Black people in politics was less encouraging at the time, but overall the trend was up. A few tweaks in the law here and there were in order, but after the sweeping Civil Rights Acts under John F. Kennedy, the upward trend suddenly flattened out. Whatever the original intent of the Civil Rights Acts, the result was to burden minorities. Within a few years, racial quotas became proof of discrimination. Businesses hired minorities to satisfy some metric that kept the business safe from lawsuit. My sister is a good woman with a good mind, but when I looked at her speech as high school valedictorian, I told her it was illiterate. She cried and stubbornly believed the race mongers. The college accepted her application under a special program for minorities, but they eventually expected her to do real work. It was a rude awakening, so she dropped out. She returned years later to become a registered nurse, after repairing the damage done by people who were trying to make their metrics look better. My son won a college scholarship for racial minorities. I asked him firmly if he could do the work. He said he could and he did. He is now a Phd working for the Navy, and earning his pay. [9]

The President is a Catholic?!

Contributed by Southpaw Ben

During the 1960 Presidential campaign, one of the major controversies of the time was the fact that JFK was a Catholic. [10]At that time, some doubted that a president could be Catholic, as they felt that Catholics viewed the pope, who is technically a foreign national leader, as being someone they must be subservient to, and as such, wouldn't have the US as their foremost interest. When Kennedy managed to win the conservative, Protestant state of West Virginia, it showed he had the broad popular appeal needed for him to be a valid contender for president, however, he still needed help in the south, hence why he chose Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas to be his running mate. He also was helped out by the fact that he dressed and used make up for the televised debate, while Nixon refused to wear make up and generally came in looking disheveled and uncomfortable with the debate.

My Take by Southpaw Ben
"I am not the Catholic candidate for president. I am the Democratic Party candidate for president who also happens to be a Catholic. I do not speak for my Church on public matters – and the Church does not speak for me."[11]

-John F. Kennedy

I am inclined to believe that Kennedy was being truthful here, as when one looks at his actions through his life, such as his rampant infidelity, he doesn't to live his faith. I tend to think that he, like other presidents, used his faith more for appeal to the masses of America as a christian than actually believing in his "faith". [12]However, one could argue that if that was truly the case, he would have claimed to have "converted" to a protestant denomination and avoided the issues that came along with being a catholic running for office. However, at the same time, he rarely missed as Mass, though this could be simply contributed to habit, and living up to how his parents expected him to live. [13]

When looking at the televised and radio debate, Kennedy was overwhelmingly considered the winner, however, radio listeners tended to think that Nixon won, or at worst, that Nixon and Kennedy tied.

Note: While I (Southpaw Ben) am not a Catholic (I am a Mennonite), I choose to attend Mass every week at school and some of my closest friends are outspoken Catholics, and I tend to agree with many Catholic teachings

Notable Births

  • Tim Cook: CEO of Apple Inc. [14]
  • Erin Brockovich: Law clerk and who successfully sued Pacific Gas and Electric for contaminating the drinking water. [14]
  • Jeffrey Dahmer (died 1994, age 34): Raped, murdered, dismembered, AND ATE 17 men and boys. [14]
  • Dan F.: Father of Southpaw Ben, born in Delaware, and currently works for DuPont.
  • And in Entertainment...
  • -- Amy Grant: Christian Pop singer. [14]
  • -- Bono: Lead singer of U2 and lends his voice to various causes. (I'm not sure how effective he is.--alexshugged) [14]
  • -- Sean Penn: Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Mystic River, and political activist. [14]
  • -- Jean-Claude Van Damme: Universal Soldier, Timecop, and Kickboxer. [14]

This Year in Film

  • Spartacus: The film was protested due to it's blacklisted author until JFK crossed the picket line to watch the film. [15] [16]
  • Psycho: At the time considered one of Hitchcock's lesser films, it is now one of his best. [15]
  • The Time Machine: Starring Rod Taylor, and Yvette Mimieux in the H.G. Wells' look into the far future. [15]

This Year in Music

  • Elvis is back from the Army with: It's Now or Never, and Are You Lonesome Tonight? [17]
  • The Twist: Chubby Checker has dancers jumping and twisting. [17]
  • Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini: Brian Hyland. (Here come the Beach movies!--alexshugged) [18]

In Other News

  • The 1st LASER is built: Without this development your DVD drive would not work. [19] [20]
  • The UK book ban of Lady Chatterley's Lover is lifted: Penguin Books wins the lawsuit. [19] [21]
  • The 1st weather satellite, and NAVSAT system are launched into orbit: NAVSAT is an early version of GPS. [19] [22] [23]

This Year in Wikipedia

Year 1960, Wikipedia.

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