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A New Jerusalem in America

After translating the Book of Mormon into English, Joseph Smith has received the revelation that a New Jerusalem will be established in America. The Second Coming is near, so he calls on his followers, the Latter Day Saints, to gather at a camp in Jackson County, Missouri. It is to be the location of the City of Zion. About 100 will show up this first year but their numbers will grow rapidly and the resentment of their neighbors will grow rapidly as well because part of Smith's revelation is that the land of the sinful will be given over to the LDS faithful. This revelation reflects what the Lord promised to the Children of Israel in the Wilderness of Sinai. The people of Canaan had displeased the Lord, and since the World is His, He can give His land over to anyone He pleases. You now understand why the people of Jackson County will be getting very nervous by next year. In 1838, the so-called Mormon War will break out and the government will issue the only order in US history to exterminate a religious group... or expel them. Your choice. The Extermination Order will remain in effect until 1976. (That is not a typo. The order will remain in effect into the 20th century!) [1] [2] [3]

"The Mormons must be treated as enemies, and must be exterminated or driven from the state if necessary for the public peace--their outrages are beyond all description." -- L. W. Boggs, Commander-in-Chief (and Governor of Missouri) Oct. 27, 1838. [4]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
I believe in revelations. I do not denigrate such experiences. On the other hand, I do not run to follow every person who has a revelation. (In other words, I try to use my head for more than just a hat rack.) A careful reading of the Bible demonstrates that revelation is not limited to one group, nor to a few lofty leaders... not even to an especially good person. If you will recall, the leader of a recent slave rebellion, Nat Turner, reported that he was visited by the Holy Spirit. Good person or not, such revelations per se were not an unusual feature of the time. LDS lays claim to revelation into the modern day. The few revelations that LDS members have shared with me seem prone to be misunderstood. Certainly, I do not understand some of them, so I set them aside as a mystery and move on. I am an Orthodox Jew and that is difficult enough to understand.

A Modern Travel Guide is Needed

The first familiar travel guide was published last year by John Murray Publishers. The introduction to the guide reads like "Visit Europe on $5 a day!", though exactly what the book provides is not made clear. After the fall of Napoleon, relative peace has settled in and people have the free time to tour, but they need some help. These are not aristocrats traveling with an entourage. Their funds are limited and they want to see what they can see without a lot of fooling around. Existing guides are long narratives that point out all the sights but they seem unable to focus on which sights are WORTH seeing. Other guides report on the history of the region, but do not address the information a traveler needs such as: "Where is the best place to eat?" "What are the best hotels?" or "How do I schedule transportation?" The German publishing company, Baedeker, has republished Professor Klein's book, A Rhine Journey from Mainz to Cologne; A Handbook for Travellers on the Move. It will be updated, and in 1839, they will completely blow the doors off: providing maps, places to eat, hotels, how much to tip. The works. They will also mark the notable sights with an asterisk. (Ooooh! Shiny!) John Murray Publishers will enclose their handbooks in a bright red cover and thereafter, the public will associate "red cover" with "travel guide." [5] [6]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
People in those days wanted the most for their money before Europe was gone. Oddly, people still want that. It is a real possibility that Europe as we know it now, won't be there in a few years. My daughter-in-law expressed that same concern, so she is traveling to Germany this year. (Her husband is working on his Phd.) She also wants to visit Iceland before it blows up. (Volcanoes. You know.) I used to joke about all the major Greek sites being be sold off to Disneyland but as Great Britain exits the EU and the financial crisis worsens, it is less of a joke. I wonder how much they would take for Deutche Bank? [7] [8] [9] [10]

In Other News

  • The Skull and Bones secret society is established after a dispute between Yale debating societies. Why? IT'S A SECRET! In the modern day, 15 men and women from the Yale junior class are "tapped" to become members. The chosen are usually campus leaders or people of note. [11] [12]
  • The word "socialism" comes into use. It is promoted in France by Pierre Leroux and by Robert Owen, the founder of the New Harmony utopia along the Wabash. [13] [14] [15]
  • Colonel William Travis is taken prisoner by the Mexican Army for a short while. His supporters in Turtle Bayou, Tejas, publish a set of resolutions supporting General Santa Anna and the Mexican Constitution of 1824. The General will later grind the Constitution into the dirt. (Did I say that out loud?) Travis will make his last stand at the Alamo in 1836. [16] [17]

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Year 1832, Wikipedia.

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