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This Is the Century That Was

We saw the Golden Age of Pirates, Blackbeard and his ship, Queen Anne's Revenge. The South Sea economic bubble bursts. Adam Smith publishes his Wealth of Nations. Thomas Twining opens his tea room. Sir Isaac Newton discovers the rainbow hidden within the light. Magnetism and electricity are discovered. Halley's comet arrives on time. Mason and Dixon measure the distance to Venus and by extension, to all the planets. The Solar system is HUGE! Harrison builds an accurate navigator's chronometer. The problem of longitude is solved! Horse racing, professional boxing, cricket and baseball are introduced. Cast iron pans, hot air balloons, and Watt's Steam Engine usher in the Industrial Age. We see the first factory and the first company town. The mob is read the riot act. Multiple snow storms kill off 90% of the deer population in New England. The coffee bean arrives in Brazil. 'Capability' Brown improves landscaping. Turnip Townshend improves farming. Optimism rules the day, and mothers love their children. Benjamin Franklin becomes a printer. He publishes Poor Richard's Almanac and creates one of the first Open Source projects: The Franklin Stove. He establishes a volunteer fire department, lending library and the University of Pennsylvania. Franklin can make anyone feel like a slacker. Mad King George imposes taxation without representation. Bostonians are massacred. Tea is dumped into Boston harbor. The Sons of Liberty and the Committees of Safety create a shadow government. Paul Revere takes his famous ride. British soldiers are sent to Concord with orders not to cause trouble. A shot is heard around the world and Captain Parker has his revenge. The British Army chases George Washington to and fro across the countryside. Washington crosses the Delaware, but not in that tiny boat. Yorktown is under siege and in the end, the British surrender. The America Revolution is a success but the French Revolution is less so. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are ratified and it goes on and on. The entire world is changing... again.

My Take by Alex Shrugged
So much that is familiar to us in the modern day first occurred in the 18th century. The times are also a source stories that are too good to be true. There was a tendency toward idealizing famous figures of the past. Those historical figures realized that they were famous or soon would be, so they tailored their writing with posterity in mind. There were no video cameras in those days, but we understand that when the camera is recording, people change. The same was true in the 1700s, except that the change occurred when they wrote a letter to the editor or preserved their correspondence. It's not necessarily a lie, but take everything with a grain of salt. That's all.

In Other News

  • The first chemical battery is invented by Alessandro Volta. Guess where we get the term "volts" from. [1] [2]
  • President John Adams becomes the first to reside in the White House. It is a work in progress. His wife, Abigail, is forced to hang their laundry to dry indoors. [3]
  • The smallpox vaccination comes to North America. It uses cow pox rather than live small pox as an inoculation. [4]

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Year 1800, Wikipedia.

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