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Thomas Jefferson is born

Thomas Jefferson is born to Peter Jefferson, a Virginia farmer and Jane Jefferson, a London-born daughter of a ship's captain. He will attend William and Mary College and read law. At 33, Thomas Jefferson will compose the Declaration of Independence. His masterly writing style will be obvious to all, but his weak voice won't allow him to deliver a speech to save his life. He will become President of the United States, declare war against the Barbary Pirates and will buy the Louisiana Territory because Napoleon will need a quick infusion of cash. He will lower the debt, build a Navy, separate Church and State yet attend religious services held in a government building. He will also oppose the Federalists, support state's rights and express the idea that the Constitution ought to be revisited every few years. I'll admit it. I thought Jefferson was crazy with that last one, but now I'm not so sure. [1] [2] [3]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
People want to know if Thomas Jefferson fathered a child by Sally Hemings, his slave-servant. It seems unlikely. The original accusation was made during the Presidential campaign between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. That campaign makes a modern Presidential campaign look like light-hearted, friendly banter in comparison. No one believed the accusation at the time, but years later some people claimed to be descended from Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings. DNA test were run, and the tests showed that the people who made the claim were mistaken. However, the DNA test did show a Jefferson male along a different line of descendants. Thus... there was a male Jefferson who fathered a child with Sally Hemings. Was it Thomas? I think his brother is the more likely candidate. He liked to hang out with the slaves. Finally, I remind you that Virginia law did not allow a slave owner to free his slaves. Slaves were considered property like real estate and were inherited in the same way. [4] [5] [6]

The 'Last Wolf Shot' and Paying for Invisible Sheep

It is difficult to verify this story because the date of "the last wolf shot" keeps changing. The previous "last wolf shot" was in 1680. This year a fellow named McQueen claims to have shot "the last wolf" near a town in Scotland. Another "last wolf" will be shot in 1769. All of these accounts may be wishful thinking, but right around this time, the wolf population is so small that it is easy to believe that wolves are extinct. The use of the firearm and the bounty on wolf heads has driven the wolf and the fox to near extinction in the British Isles. Because of the popularity of fox hunting, foxes from France will be reintroduced to the English countryside fairly soon. Wolves, on the other hand, will have to wait until the end of the 20th century even to be considered. As of 2015, the British government has decided not to reintroduce wolves to the British Isles. [7] [8] [9] [10]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
What is the rationale for reintroducing wolves to Scotland? It's the strange logic of government subsidies. Academic studies in Spain show that 80% of sheep deaths are caused by wolf attacks, and deer hunting in Scotland must be managed by man. The other significant fact is that sheep farming in Scotland is actually a profit-losing business. The only reason it still exists is because the government subsidizes it, thus paying inefficient sheep farmers to remain inefficient. Nevertheless, the "logic" goes that if the government is already paying a farmer to raise a live sheep, the government can just as easily pay for any dead ones that a wolf might eat. It's not the sheep that is making money for the farmer. It's the government payment to the farmer. I suspect that one day a Scottish sheep farmer will collect payment for invisible sheep the same way that Depression-era farmers would take government money for invisible crops... that is... for NOT planting crops. Farm Subsidy Bills are still passed every major election, funneling billions of dollars to farmers. I wonder if these billions are buying invisible sheep already. [11]

Science, Science, Science

* Joseph Banks is born. He will introduce Eucalyptus and Acacia Trees; FREE LOVE AND CANNABIS to the western world. He will be a hoot. [12] [13]
* Uranium and Zirconium will be discovered by Martin Klaproth, born this year in Germany. [14]
* The Father of Modern Chemistry is Antoine Lavoisier, born in France this year. He will write the first modern chemistry textbook and name the elements oxygen, hydrogen and begin the first periodic table of the elements. [15]
* The Father of Crystallography is René Haüy (how WEE), born in France this year. He will accidentally drop a piece of calcite and become curious of its crystallized structure. His name will be inscribed on the Eiffel Tower.[16]

This Year in Wikipedia

Year 1743, Wikipedia.

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