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What Color is a Mob? It's the Color of Sheeple

A club for aristocrats called the King's Head Club has met for the first time at the King's Head Tavern. It is also called the Green Ribbon Club due to the green ribbon that members wear on their person. In these days, there are very few uniforms so people distinguish their political or religious position by wearing a different color. For example: "true blue" means that one supports the Scottish Presbyterians. Green was the color of the Levelers during the British civil war and although the Levellers were not a political movement, they believed in equality under the law and that government should rule by the consent of the governed rather than by divine right. Eventually, the membership of the Green Ribbon Club will form into a political party called the Whigs. The club will discuss how easily manipulated the common people are. These "commoners" are called "mobile vulgus" (meaning "movable commoners"). This phrase will be shortened to "mob". In the modern day we call these mobs, "sheeple". [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
FYI, the philosopher, John Locke, is associated with the Green Ribbon Club. Regarding the use of colors to identify one's politics or religion, people still wear various colors to support their cause. I remember when the NFL changed their team accessories to use the color "pink" during breast cancer awareness month. A few years ago, Rush Limbaugh wore an entire set of ribbons on his coat to show that he cared more than anyone else. He was pointing out the absurdity of wearing ribbons by wearing more ribbons than anyone else. Nowadays we are getting away from colors and ribbons. We are now using hashtags and changing our Facebook icons. It amounts to the same thing. A color, an icon or a hashtag does nothing until we, ourselves, do something. [6] [7] [8]

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