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Challenging a Tyrant and Guatemala's Corruption Problem *

Well... it has been an unpleasant year for King Charles the 1st. He has been ruling Great Britain without a Parliament for over a decade. Then last year the Bishops' War in Scotland forced the King to convene Parliament to fund an army in order to bring the Scottish Presbyterians to heel, but he fails to get funding. Then the King convenes a longer Parliament which passes laws that limit the King's power but doesn't fund his army. Without an army, the King must negotiate to end the Bishops' War. In the meantime, the English Parliament delivers the Great Remonstrance to the King... a document of protest of the King's abuses. This document will precipitate the British Civil War and cause Oliver Cromwell to abandon his dream of joining the Massachusetts Bay colony. He is going to be needed in England for years to come, especially after King Charles is beheaded in 1649. Cromwell will become the defacto king. [1] [2] [3]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
In September 2015, the President of Guatemala, Pérez Molina, stepped down to clear up some "personal matters" after the Guatemalan Congress removed his immunity from prosecution and a warrant was issued for his arrest. After running on a campaign of honesty in government, he is allegedly heard on a recording accepting bribes from foreign companies in exchange for tax breaks, essentially selling out his country for cash. Riots in the streets forced the Guatemalan Congress to act. As of this writing he is sitting in jail clearing up his "personal matters." Oddly, this sounds like the plot for the movie, "No Escape" (2015), where government officials sell off public assets for cash and an American family is trapped when the public riots. No one does business with a failing government without a plan to make back the money... one way or the other. Can you say, Greece? [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

Massachusetts Body of Liberties Makes Slavery Legal

At this time there is no practical reason for Massachusetts to pass such a law except that certain people in the colony have bought a few slaves and the war with the Pequot Indians has produced a number of captives that have been sold into slavery to the West Indies. Here is the quote from the Body of Liberties, number 91 with corrections made for spelling... [9] [10] [11]

91. There shall never be any bond slavery, villeinage, or captivity amongst us unless it be lawful captives taken in just wars, and such strangers as willingly sell themselves or are sold to us. And these shall have all the liberties and Christian usages which the law of God established in Israel concerning such persons doth morally require. This exempts none from servitude who shall be judged thereto by authority. [12] [13]
My Take by Alex Shrugged
I'm going to explain biblical slavery. If this makes you uncomfortable, the time to skip ahead is NOW, NOW, NOW. OK. Here we go....

Biblical slavery means 7 years of indentured servitude, maximum, for True Believers. In terms of food, sleeping arrangements and clothing, everything shall be equal to the master's or the MASTER does without. Non-believers are slaves for life unless a master wishes to take a wife from the slaves. In that case she is first freed, converted, and then she makes her decision on whether to marry him or not. If not, she remains a free woman, regardless. Non-believers who convert are thereafter treated as True Believers. In all cases, substantial harm to a slave is treated and the slave is freed. No abuse is allowed.

I am often told to judge people in the context of their time... not mine. At the time of the Bible, prisons (where they existed) were essentially a death sentence. Biblical slavery was an attempt to place limits on slavery and teach people to be better people by exposing them to better people while not killing them in the process. [14] [15]

Mount Parker Erupts in the Philippines

Mount Parker erupts in a sound heard hundreds of miles away identified as musket shots or perhaps 'war drums'. This is one of several eruptions throughout the Philippines although this will be the last one for Mount Parker into the modern day. The volcanic ash will contribute to a general cooling of Earth's temperatures and produce drought and general bad weather for Japan, China and Ukraine. It will leave a crater that will eventually fill with water and become a lake. [16] [17]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
Mount Parker is named after the American General Frank Parker who flew past it in 1934 and named it after himself. Local residents still worry about eruptions resuming, after all these years. Scientists have installed monitoring instruments but so far all is well. That reassurance and 50 cents won't even buy you a cup of coffee any more.

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* The asterisk in the section header indicates that it was read on the podcast.
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  13. Alex Shrugged notes:
    * Bond slavery is debt slavery. You are working off a debt.
    * Villeinage is a type of serfdom. You must be available to work the land or in the manor.
    * Captives in just wars means formal prisoners of war. Not terrorists. Not murderers. Not rustlers.
    * Willing strangers in this context are non-Christians who think they can do better as a slave.
  14. Slavery in Massachusetts. Slavery in the North (2013). Retrieved on 8 September 2015. “A Massachusetts law of 1641 specifically linked slavery to Biblical authority, and established for slaves the set of rules 'which the law of God, established in Israel concerning such people, doth morally require.' When two Massachusetts slave merchants joined with London slave raiders in a massacre of an African village in 1645, the colonial government registered its indignation, because the two men were guilty of the Biblical crime of 'man-stealing' (kidnapping Africans instead of acquiring them in the approved way, in exchange for rum or trinkets) -- and because the slaughter of 100 or so villagers had taken place on a Sunday. Nonetheless, because of its Scriptural foundation, Massachusetts' attitudes toward slaves in some ways were more progressive than those of other colonies.”
  15. Alex Shrugged notes: My Takes comes from years of studying the Bible in detail. I'm glad to be corrected, but often people who think they know what the Bible says have never actually read it. Ignorance is bliss.
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