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"Follow the flagship, and ask no questions!" The Magellan World Tour *

It's time to "stick it" to the King of Portugal and write "PAID" to a debt of honor. Having heard of Balboa's discovery of another ocean, Ferdinand Magellan has been planning to circumnavigate the globe under the flag of Portugal but at the last minute, because of a longtime grudge, the King refuses to back the voyage. Magellan is a 37-year-old man with his hair on fire to make this voyage so he gets backing from the King of Spain [1] and launches his fleet from Seville! His ships cross the Atlantic to Rio de Janeiro to take on supplies and stay to observe the festival of Christmas which lasts for several days. By early next year his ships will take a short-cut through the strait that will one day bear his name (the Strait of Magellan) and enter the Pacific Ocean. [2] [3]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
Historians would love to know what grudge the King of Portugal had with Magellan. They must have buried the hatchet to remain in each others company for so long but they must have remembered where it was buried. Magellan had been a page for the Queen though he was only 14 at the time, so historians can only guess what it was about. Magellan was a fast talker because the King of Spain jumped all over this project. Unfortunately, Magellan is not going to make it home from this voyage. In the Philippines he will get into the middle of a minor fight between native tribes and get stabbed to death in a melee. [4]

Cortés Scuttles His Ships and Jump-starts His Career

Hernando Cortés is the son of a lesser noble. His chances of fame and glory in Spain are remote so he has spent the last 15 years at lower-level jobs in the New World until he uses a legal slight-of-hand to jump-start his career. He was supposed to land troops on the Mexican coast and colonize the interior, but his orders were revoked at the last minute. Instead of returning, he scuttles his ships, explaining that they are no longer seaworthy. Hernando wins election as the magistrate of a local colony, organizes a new expedition into Mexico and asks the King of Spain to co-sign this load of hooey (and includes a shipload of treasure to help the King decide). Cortés will massacre thousands at Cholula, so that by the time he reaches Tenochtitlan in November, Moctezuma the 2nd simply lets the Spaniards into the city, but the Aztecs are not conquered yet. [5] [6] [7] [8]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
600 conquistadors cannot conquer an empire, yet that is what happened. How could they see it as anything but God's own disapproval of pagan sacrifice and approval of themselves as Crusaders? Darwinists use similar logic, substituting "survival of the fittest" in place of God's approval but it's the same thing. "If I can beat you up and take all your stuff, it's because I was MEANT to beat you up and take all your stuff." North American settlers did the same thing with Manifest Destiny. Whether it is God's will, survival of the fittest, or "It's just meant to be!" it's all the same to the poor sap getting the tar beaten out him. [9]

The Need for Gun Safety Lessons Has Just Become Apparent

Peter Frenchman is demonstrating his gun prowess when a woman walks in front of him just as he is firing. Apparently situational awareness was at a minimum in the 1500s. This is the first recorded accidental death by gunfire. [10]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
It sounds odd, but a matchlock musket can blind you when the powder from the flash pan ignites. (That is... literally blind you for life.) Most folks tend to hold the gun up higher and close their eyes before they pull the trigger. Just a tip for the matchlock owners out there... both of you. I've provided a link to a video demonstration on "How to Fire a Matchlock". Note carefully the scars on the man's right hand. [11]

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* The asterisk in the section header indicates that it was read on the podcast.
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