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League of the Public Weal

King Louis the Prudent of France had always been at odds with his father, the now deceased King Charles the 7th. He had even engaged in open rebellion in 1440, but now that Louis is King of France, he is having trouble with the nobles. The King has continued to whittle away at the holdings of the Duke Burgundy, who is the father of Charles the Bold. Charles was the brother-in-law and friend of Louis before he was king. Perhaps Charles believed that their friendship would count when Louis became king, but it was not to be. Charles has organized some of the nobles into the League of the Public Weal, in order to oppose the king's centralization of government. The League prefers the old-time feudal lord system that was in place prior to the 100 Years' War. The King will give in to the League for a time, but the League will die out along with the feudal system. [1] [2] [3]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
Charles the Bold wants to create his own kingdom separate from France. In the past, dukes, earls and counts were essentially local kings so what Charles wants is not unusual. It's just not doable because the king of France wants a centralized government. The king can't force Charles into compliance, but the king will separate him from the League by first offering concessions so as to quell the objections of the League. That will take the initial fight out of them. Then the king will take back in small bites everything he gave them and more.

The Former King is Captured

King Edward the 4th of England and the House of York has finally caught up the former King Henry the 6th of the House of Lancaster in northwest England. He is brought to the Tower of London where he is waited upon by a cousin of Queen Elizabeth... a woman who was once a Lancaster supporter. King Henry will be treated well for a time and live in the Tower for several years until he is no longer useful... alive. Then he will die mysteriously. [4] [5]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
King Henry's wife, Margaret is hiding out with his son in France. The point of keeping King Henry alive for years is to prevent the Prince of Wales from becoming king upon the death of his father. The Prince will die at the Battle of Tewkesbury [tjuks-bree] in 1471. Oddly, King Henry will die shortly thereafter, supposedly from a broken heart. [6] [7]

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Year 1465, Wikipedia.

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