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Joan of Arc, the Maiden of Orleans

In 1428 the English laid siege to Orléans and Joan of Arc, now 18 years old, has managed to talk a local lord into providing an armed escort to take her to the provisional King Charles the 7th. After careful examination of her claims by a board of clergy she is judged sane and pious. She insists that she must lead an army to Orléans to break the siege and in fact, this is exactly what she does. Dressed in a man's armor "the Maiden of Orléans" leads her troops to victory and brings about a turn in the 100 Year's War between France and England. She will be known as "the Maiden" and she is in a big hurry. Her visions tell her that she has only a year to accomplish her goals. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
Joan of Arc's main value was to rally the troops and she did that well. It is not clear if she ever drew a sword in battle though she was an aggressive leader and she did take an arrow in the chest. Her visions were mostly voices urging her on. I don't think she was insane. To the mind of the Late Middles Ages and Early Renaissance, the saints were familiar, reassuring, normal things. It was common to collect "relics" of saints and kings such as clothing or preserved pieces of their bodies. Mistaken or not, the people who hold to the power of the saints are not insane.[7] [8] [9]

Joan of Arc, A Vision for You

Around the year 1424 Jeanne d'Arc (known to us as Joan of Arc) had a vision of Saint Michael and she was not afraid. Since then she has been visited by various saints, each insisting that she lift the Siege of Orléans... the problem for her being that she was a 13 year-old girl in Medieval France and THERE WAS NO SUCH SIEGE going on (though it was easy enough to guess. Orléans was a well-known strategic location). Once the siege began last year it became obvious to Joan, now 18 years old, as to what she must do. She must lead France in battle against the English.

My Take by Alex Shrugged
As I have related in the TSP forums, I have experienced "visions". They are a result of practicing deep meditation. Such visions can be misleading so one should use care. If you believe yourself to be sane, and a vision goes beyond telling you to "read your Bible," or "be good to your fellows," then seek a professional religious opinion. If a voice tells you to call Ray Liotta on the phone or to build a baseball field, call your local mental health professional instead. OK? No fooling around.[10] [11]

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