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Mad King Charles and his "Little Queen"

Queen Isabeau, the queen consort of Mad King Charles of France, has done her duty as a wife. She has presented the King with several children but now she has distanced herself from him. The King has taken to stalking the halls and howling like a wolf. He is also cautious of people near him, believing himself made of glass. The King no longer recognizes his wife, asking servants, "Who is this woman obstructing my view? Find out what she wants." The Queen still feels obligated to provide for his needs so she substitutes another woman... Odette... the daughter of a horse dealer and the sister of one of the palace servants. She looks like the queen so Odette is called "the little Queen". The substitution will not go well. Odette will take control of the court and take advantage of her position for financial gain. [1] [2] [3]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
One can hardly blame Queen Isabeau for slipping out the backdoor. Her husband, the King of France, has really lost his mind. She will move to her country home, raise chickens and more-or-less try her hand at farming. She won't try too hard. The King will eventually remember he is married to her and have her lover arrested, tortured and drowned.

A Murder in Paris

Louis the 1st, the Duke of Orleans lays dead in the streets of Paris with an axe through his head. He was pulled from his horse, stabbed and hacked multiple times, and now lays in a puddle of blood, mud and filth. Louis has always been a controversial fellow having once offered a young woman an incredible amount of money to sleep with him.... much to the displeasure of his wife. He was even rumored to have been "having his way" with the Queen of France... who just happens to be his sister-in-law. You see... Louis the 1st is the younger brother of Mad King Charles of France whose regent is John the Fearless. Louis resents John the Fearless running France since John is just a cousin and Louis is a full-fledged brother, but Louis has messed with John the Fearless one too many times. Now Louis has paid the price for it. [4] [5]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
Well... Louis the 1st was a well-known debaucher, so it seems reasonable that John the Fearless would not want him to be running France. It is not clear whether Louis was humping the Queen although one could hardly blame her. Mad King Charles was howling like a wolf and could barely recognize her anymore so she slipped out the back door and set up house with a lover she had stashed. This public murder will spark a family feud that will last for 70 years and the Queen's lover will end up in the river.[6] [7]

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Year 1407, Wikipedia.

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