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John "Eleanor" Rykener... Uh...

John Rykener could not possibly be the first transvestite but he is the first documented one, and he is a prostitute. He calls himself "Eleanor." He has been arrested for committing lewd acts in a horse stall and has confessed to accepting money from women and men for sex including members of the clergy because they pay more. Cross-dressers are not always bisexual but in this case, it was how "Eleanor" made his living. [1] [2]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
One should not be surprised that such sexual diversity existed during the Middle Ages. Certainly King Edward the 2nd was suspected of homosexuality. And such sexual acts were common enough through the ages. One can surmise this because the Bible places limits on certain types of sexual expression. One does not make a law against something that people are NOT doing, nor wish to do. For example: There is no law prohibiting shoving beans up one's own nose. That is because NO ONE WANTS to shove beans up their nose. If they did, you can be sure there would be a law prohibiting it. [3]

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