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If Women Ruled the World

Women in the Middle Ages can succeed to the throne in some kingdoms. Naples had Queen Joanna I who was suspected of murdering her husband. She was strangled in turn by the next King of Naples. Poland has a prepubescent girl ruling them... King Hedwig (who hasn't murdered anyone and will one day be made a saint). Hedwig's mother is Elizabeth of Bosnia, the queen consort of Hungary. Her OTHER daughter, Mary, takes the throne of Hungary when her father, King Louis I, dies. Civil war breaks out and the Duke of Croatia takes the throne. (Croatia is part of Hungary at this time.) Elizabeth has the Duke stabbed to death... in her own apartments. Then Elizabeth and Mary are kidnapped. Elizabeth dies at the hands of a supporter of the dead Duke. Queen Mary will be ransomed and rule for a few years until she is found dead in the forest after taking a ride... all alone... for no particular reason... while in the last stages of pregnancy. (Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.) [1] [2] [3]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
It is said that if women ruled the world there would be fewer wars and less violence. Such musings ignore the reality of history. Women leaders, when they manage to get power, are as ruthless as any man... or as good. It is tainted logic to compare the worst of one group with the best of another. An honest comparison is to compare the best to the best to see how high we might reach or compare the worst to the worst to see how far we might fall. Margaret Thatcher "The Iron Lady" would fall into the category of the best under stress but if you disagree, you must compare her to other reasonably good leaders. You should not compare her to Madam Mao... the last wife of Chairman Mao Zedong of China and a member of the Gang of Four. Madam Mao was a vicious, merciless killer. She is an example of how far women leaders can fall... not an example of how high women leaders can reach. [4][5] [6] [7] [8]

Animals on Trial: Obey the Law or the Pig Gets It!

Submitted for your approval and payment... a bill for the execution of one sow... hanged in the public square of Falaise for the crime of maiming the three-month-old child... Jonnet le Macon... who was in his crib... and died of his injuries. An additional charge is made for new gloves when the Hangman performed the said execution.
--(a paraphrase of information found at the web site: "Executed Today".)[9]

From here the legend grew of an elaborate spectacle with the condemned pig being dressed in human clothes and with other pigs filling the square to witness the execution... apparently to learn from the misdeeds of their fellow pig. While the pig was certainly killed, there is absolutely no evidence that there was any "pig dressing" involved. Animals will continue to be put on trial into the modern day. [10][11]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
Even in the Middle Ages such animal trials were discouraged but animal trials are implied in the Bible and they still occur in the modern day. In 1992 the pit bull, Dempsey, was on trial for THREE YEARS with the threat of death for a failure to be muzzled. She was on a leash and had been unmuzzled briefly because she was sick. Dempsey had no history of biting but the United Kingdom's "Dangerous Dog Act" made no exceptions for pit bulls... nor common sense. Finally the trial was dismissed on a technicality. The court had failed to notify Dempsey's owner that the dog was on trial. Apparently, the court had only notified the person who had been walking the dog in the first place. Clearly... the government was hell-bent to make Dempsey an example to everyone: COMPLY WITH OUR LAWS OR WE WILL KILL YOUR DOG! [12] [13] [14]

Religious opinion: The Bible clearly states that only a specific animal that has a history of dangerous actions should be killed to protect the public... not rumors of danger... not fears of danger... an actual history of dangerous behavior for that specific animal. (See Exodus 21:28 for starters.)

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