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100 Year's War: Part 2, A Fabian War

We begin another 20 years of war between England and France with the Caroline War ("Caroline" referring to the Latin 'Carolus' meaning Charles). King Charles the Wise of France has issued a summons to Edward, the Black Prince, to present himself before the King in Paris. The Black Prince sees this as a thin excuse to restart the war which it certainly was. This will be a war of attrition. King Charles will use the Fabian strategy of avoiding direct engagement. The Black Prince and later his brother, John of Gaunt, will counter the French tactic with a hit-and-run strategy called Chevauchée (pronounced: shey-voh-shey) or horse charge. It uses raiding parties to punish the enemy and force him into battle by humiliating him.

(FYI: this is also the year when the French begin building the Bastille in Paris. Currently it will be a fort to defend eastern Paris but years later it will be converted into the infamous prison). [1] [2] [3] [4]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
General George Washington was known as "the American Fabius" for leading the British all over the countryside in the British attempt to get Washington to engage in an stand up fight. Those who know what the Fabian Society is, may cringe at the idea of George Washington using a strategy with such an ill-fated name. In fact the Fabian strategy has only a passing connection with the Fabian Society. The Fabian Society was formed in 1884 with the purpose of wearing down society (beating them up, bit-by-bit) until they accept true socialism.... whether we like it or not. Recently, one Fabian socialist, Virgina Ironside, can be seen on in British TV religious discussion giving her reasons why every British mother should wish to smother their own children in the crib if their children are handicapped. The clergywoman moderating the discussion is suitably shocked. A link to the video is provided below. [5]

A Pestilence and Famine

Famine is a part of life in the Middle Ages but after the devastation of the Black Death, Norwich, England has become especially vulnerable. Heavy rains have caused crop damage and while the farmer's market continues to function, many of the stalls are empty and will remain so for years to come. With a current population of 20,000, the famine has caused St Peter Mancroft's cemetery to be expanded. By 1377, the population of Norwich will be reduced to less than 6,000. [6] [7] [8]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
I doubt that the reduction in population was due entirely to the death of the citizenry. Eight years of crop failures in a local area will cause people to move despite any labor laws that prevent the peasants from moving to better areas. When facing death, prison or an "F" branded to the forehead, the sensible person will not choose death if it can be avoided at all.

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