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A Brewery for the Modern Day

The date is right on the label... "Anno 1366". Stella Artois beer begins in the Belgian town of Leuven. The name of the beer is not yet Stella Artois. The brewery is called Den Horen, meaning "The Horn" and that explains the horn on the modern label. The beer we know today as Stella Artois came about in 1926 when they put out a special Christmas brew that became so popular they decided to produce it all year long. They named it Stella Artois with "Stella" meaning "star" and Artois being the last name of a master brewer of the company from years gone by. The brewery was eventually moved across town. The original site was left abandoned until 2011 when it was finally demolished. [1] [2] [3]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
On a personal note: When I was no more than eight-years-old my father took me out to the back porch and handed me a beer and a cigarette... apparently wishing to teach me a lesson. I was delighted until I took a big swig of beer and a big drag off of that butt. I turned green and just about puked. My father must have hoped to cure me of ever drinking beer or smoking cigarettes AND IT WORKED! When I grew up I drank Jack Daniels and smoked cigars instead! Thanks Dad! (May he rest in peace. I loved my father. When I speak I hear his voice.)

Women of the Middle Ages: The Veil has Fallen

It is difficult to find women professors in the Middle Ages, but in the city of Bologna, Novella d'Andrea broke through the academic ceiling teaching Canon law as a substitute professor for her father. She was said to be so beautiful that she would only teach from behind a veil so as to not distract the students. Now the veil has fallen. Novella has passed from this world. [4] [5]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
Bologna is also known for its medical school. Guy de Chauliac studied anatomy by dissecting cadavers. He wrote a book that became the textbook for surgery in the Middle Ages. Guy de Chauliac is known as the Father of Surgery. [6] [7] [8]

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Year 1366, Wikipedia.

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