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The Workers Get "F"-ed

The English Parliament has ordered stocks be set up in every town to punish and humiliate the laborers who refuse to comply with wage and price fixing. As a further measure, the letter "F" will be branded onto the forehead of every violator. The "F" probably stands for "fugitive" since the labor laws forbid the workers from moving to economically better areas where they might get a better wage or be able to farm a more productive plot of land. [1]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
It seems ridiculous to forbid the movement of workers but frankly... the landowners can't move either because most of the landowners are land rich and cash poor. It is difficult to buy and sell large plots of land without coins. If Grandpa is saving his silver dollars in a coffee can under his bed to buy a new plow horse those coins are out of circulation until Grandpa finally buys that plow horse. At this time the silver mines in the north are all played out so they can't create new coins. In the modern day those who want to link the dollar to silver often don't realize that the money supply would contract so severely that almost all commerce would stop until equilibrium was reached and most businesses would not survive that sort of chaos. President Andrew Jackson tried it when he took down the Second Bank of the United States (the "Federal Reserve" of his day). The effort darn near wrecked the country. It is a cruel irony that his face adorns the twenty dollar federal note today and if he were alive he would shoot the [email protected]@rd who thought to place his image there. [2] [3] [4]

100 Years' War: Black Monday

Is a brigand an honorable man in the Middle Ages? The Countess of Kent thinks so and has been trying to attract such a young knight by plying him with gifts and encouragement as he takes castles across the French countryside and sells them back to their owners. King Edward III of England has been doing the same thing in Burgundy but now the King turns north to take Paris yet he decides to negotiate a truce instead when a sudden hailstorm brings more damage and death to his forces in 30 minutes than an entire battle would. This is interpreted as a warning from Heaven. They call it "Black Monday" and along with reports of a French raid along the English coast the King of England decides to negotiate for yet another truce. [5] [6]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
The French managed to scrape together enough men to cross the English Channel to rescue King John the Good from the English. That attempt failed but it raised fear in the hearts of the English, causing the King of England to change his plans. During World War II, on April 18th, 1942 Lieutenant Colonel James "Jimmy" Doolittle led the U.S. Army Air Forces in a raid over Tokyo. It was later portrayed in the movie Thirty Seconds over Tokyo and it was an insignificant gesture from a military standpoint, but it caused the Japanese to change their original plans. Had the Japanese stuck to the original plan, they might have won. [7] [8]

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