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The Magna Carta of Paris Rejected

The Black Prince has transported King John the Good of France to England as a hostage. King John's son, Charles, has pulled a stunt that even the guys from Jackass: The Movie would find embarrassing. [1] The people of France are feeling a little uncomfortable with their government right now so elements of the French Third Estate (the lawyers, merchants, and non-noble office holders) have put together another Magna Carta known as the Grand Ordinance. It is more a correction of government rather than a revolution but it will be rejected by the nobility. In order to stop a revolution, the heir apparent, Charles the Wise, has gone on a goodwill tour across France, meeting with the people... and letting them see that the King is still in charge. It seems to calm the people down for a while. [2] [3] [4]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
Remember that the nobility has recently agreed to a 4% tax on itself, and imposed a 10% tax on the poor. The peasantry has been ripe for rebellion and it has all been avoidable.... even the war was avoidable. In order to save money, several brigades have been released from service. These companies or brigades roam the countryside sometimes being hired as guards and other times acting as bandits. This is where we get the English word "brigands"... that is... brigades on the loose and causing trouble.

The Masters of Error

In the midst of the Black Death a very strange movement came into being. The Flagellants would march into town almost like a parade, whipping themselves until they bled... all in the hope that God would see their suffering and spare them from the Black Death. Pope Clement the 6th condemned them, calling them "Masters of error." King Philip the Fortunate called for their death but none of this mattered to these fanatics. Now that the Plague has run its course, the Flagellants seem to have disappeared..."like night phantoms or mocking ghosts." [5] [6]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
In common speech "wearing the hair shirt" means "tormenting one's self" or "suffering in silence." In popular fiction: The Da Vinci Code featured an albino monk who wore a special device called a cilice (pronounced: sill-ehs, rhymes with chalice) that would cut into his skin. You can read more about mortification of the flesh in the book "Varieties of Religious Experience" by William James. (Personally, I think there are better ways to win God's favor. Your mileage may vary.) [7] [8]

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