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A wiki, especially this one, is meant to be a Do-ocracy. Simply meaning if you want something done, do it. More formally, individuals choose roles and tasks for themselves and execute them. A few examples are if you see a typo, we encourage and need you to fix it. If you think a sentence is oddly worded and can make it better, do it. If you've never edited a wiki we're here to lend a helping hand, just check out the training materials we've created.

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    One of our most read articles is about a survivalist that has changed his life overnight.

    Billy Michael is a 36- year old American from Ohio that has chosen to be wildlife survivalist for the past eight years. He has joined a native tribe in North Dakota and left everything behind. Since 2011 he is part of a native American tribe and lives primitive life because it reveals all the survival skills that a person has. He appeared twice on The Survivalist Podcast and shared his experience.

    But that is not even the most amazing thing about him. Two months ago, he went into town with his native friends, where he met his high school buddy, who was making some promotion about a mobile casino app. In the beginning, Billy refused to participate because he did not have a cellphone, he did not want to have anything connected with the modern world, but with some negotiation, he agreed. He used his old email that luckily was not deactivated (because it was not used for several years) and he registered on a mobile casino app, picked up the casino bonus that he earned it at the beginning, and started to play.

    He has never played an online casino game before, but with some assistance, he was able to handle it. He played a couple of blackjack games, but no luck there. Later he played slots games, and that's where the magic happened. After a couple of spins, he earned the biggest win on the app. He won 50 000 dollars. He donated the money to the American Rivers organization, that protects the wild rivers and the wildlife in it.

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