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The Mongols, Hitler and the Boston Bombers

Before there was Hitler, there was Tamerlane. In this year Tamerlane is born in what is present day Uzbekistan. He is more Turkish than Mongol and he will grow to become a legend... and not in the good way. More like in the "Hitler" way. In Baghdad alone he will put 20,000 people to the sword. He will do well for the Mongols, pulling them together in a way similar to Genghis Khan, but Genghis understood commerce and the necessity of keeping the roads safe for merchant travel. Tamerlane will NOT understand that and as such, Genghis Khan will become a name to be feared and respected. Tamerlane will just be feared and his name will define evil until Hitler comes along. [1] [2] [3]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
I was surprised during the news coverage of the Boston Bombing to see the name "Tamerlan" scroll by... the name of the famous Turkish/Mongol warrior. I was suitably horrified. It might have been an unconscious decision by his parents to name him Tamerlan Anzorovich Tsarnaev. It is like naming him Adolf Hitler. I am sometimes surprised at the names parents choose for their children, names such as Cassandra. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!? In this case, the parents weren't thinking at all. They named their child after one of the worst characters in history and reaped what they sowed. He died of gunshot wounds and blunt trauma. His brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, is awaiting trial at the time of this writing, April 14, 2014. [4] [5]

Jewish Prayer is Banned

Alfonso the Wise of Castile (Spain) will ban a line in a specific Jewish prayer because he thinks it disparages Christian belief. In fact it disparages pagan idol worship but the King is not listening. He has the offending line excised. That line will not return to the Jewish prayerbook until the early 1900's when the printers will include the entire prayer but no one will recite that particular line... not even today in 2014. Jews of the modern day will skip over this line... even Reform Jews who are not considered traditional at all. (Alex Shrugged recites it though. He [email protected] well sings it!) [6] [7] [8]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
As of this writing, three people were shot and killed in Kansas for being Jews. And to add to that tragedy, two of them were, in fact, Christians just visiting on secular business. This week I was accosted at a bus stop in front of a busy college campus. A man pointed his finger at me and said that "the Jews are cursed!" I don't think he was a Christian. He looked more like one of the Nation of Islam types. It is a messy business. Isn't it? I'm a volunteer chaplain at the local county jail. About half the men I talk to are black men just like the fellow who cursed me. I'm not trying to convert them to anything. I'm just trying to help them and offer some comfort but I'm not going all "Rodney King" on you here. I know some folks just can't get along but we shouldn't shoot each other for it. Know what I mean? [9]

4,000 Pagans Commit Suicide

Lithuania is the last pagan holdout in Europe and they will not fully commit to Christianity until 1387. In the meantime the Teutonic Knights have been on a crusade to bring Lithuanians to the Church by force of arms. In 1329 6,000 Lithuanians were forced to convert but they reverted to paganism once the Teutonic Knights left. Now the Knights have attacked the castle at Pilenai and they decide to die rather than submit. The pagans burn all of their possessions, set fire to the castle and 4,000 Lithuanian men, women and children commit suicide. [10] [11] [12] [13] [14]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
These are not the Bible's pagans. Over the years the pagans have been incorporating Christian rituals and ideals into their practice but religion in these days is more like national loyalty rather than personal conviction. Once the Grand Duke of Lithuania promotes Christianity, his subjects will convert so as to be loyal to him. In modern times this mixing of nationhood with religion will allow Hitler to convince the Germans that they could not be good Christians unless they supported Germany and that meant following Hitler. I worry that Christians who call America "a Christian country" may not be considering all the ramifications of that statement. America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, but opposing a war, even if it complies with the Constitution, does not make you a bad Christian or Jew. [15] [16]

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