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The Black Death Reaches Persia

The Khan of Persia is called the "Il Khan" [pronounced: ill kahn] and he grows quite ill as he sets out to battle his rival Mongols, the Golden Horde. The Black Death has broken out in Persia. Il Khan Abu Sa'id [ill khan ah-BOO sah-EED] falls to it quickly and leaves no heirs. Chaos ensues as lesser men wrestle for power. In 30 years or so there will be one last opportunity for the Mongols to pull things together under a man called Tamerlane. For now, after 80 years of murderous Mongol rule, the Persian people will awaken to a new national identity... Iran. [1] [2] [3] [4]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
You are hearing the death knell of the Mongols as a fighting force. Had the Il Khan lived he might have saved the Byzantine Empire from the Ottoman Turks, NOT out of charity but a desire to establish his own dominance and stability over the region. The Black Death changed everything. As the Mongol armies move south to attack the Genoan seaports in Crimea, the Genoans will make their escape and carry a deadly cargo with them. [5] [6]

Another Famine for Europe

The Great Famine was a catastrophe for northern Europe, but many in the South escaped it and were able to ship food all the way from southern Italy to England for a price. Now the southern states are experiencing a famine. It is difficult to document how extensive the famine was. Famines are so common in these days that when a local area is experiencing one you might see a line in a chronicle somewhere and not much else. The people who are experiencing it already know. [7] [8]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
Chaos in southern Europe is just one explanation for the famine. Rome has been abandoned by Pope because of the unruly nature of the place at this time. That is one reason why the Papal residence was moved to the south of France in Avignon. A future Pope will attempt to move the Papal residence back to Rome but he will abandon that attempt.

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