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The Black Death breaks out in China

The Great Khan is dead and his long line of heirs with him. Although it is not certain, it is possible that the death of Jayaatu Toq-Temur was due to the Black Death. The timeline is sketchy concerning exactly when the outbreak of Plague started in China but when an entire family drops dead suddenly and the contemporary historians are saying that the plague started around now, one makes the connection. Chroniclers of the time suggest that extreme weather and earthquakes caused a release of a miasma, but we know now that the so-called miasma was the Plague. It will be a few more years until the Plague reaches Europe. Then it will move like a wild fire. [1] [2] [3] [4]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
My connection at Texas A&M Atmospherics department said he saw "nothing that rose above the general noise" such as unusual volcanic activity. We must rely on second-hand accounts written long after the events occurred, but we can make some reasonable guesses. For example: the outbreak in Turkmenistan from 1949-1950 was preceded by an earthquake forcing certain plague-carrying animals from their normal wilderness habitat into populous areas. Plague fleas jumped to the city rat population and the plague started. It is possible the chroniclers were generally correct and we can ignore their embellishments. [5]

Balliol Grabs His Underwear and RUNS!

It would seem that King Edward III of England has found a loophole in the treaty of Northampton. The Battle of Dupplin Moor is a fight over whether a eight-year-old, David II, King of Scots, has a better claim to the kingship than Edward Balliol who is supported by the King of England. The fight becomes so disorderly that David's defenders will run over top of their fellows who fell in front of them from the archer's arrows. The bodies will pile up to a spear's height. Edward Balliol will declare himself King but in a chance encounter later in the year, David's supporters will surprise Balliol causing him to run out into the night, half dressed and over the border into England. [6] [7] [8]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
This seems to be the end of the knight as the way to win battles.... at least in Scotland. The archers won the day along with swordsmen on foot mopping up. Eventually King David will work it all out but it won't be pretty. For now, he will be moved to France and hole up there for a while. He is just a kid, anyway.

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