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The Genko War

After repelling the Mongol invasion of Japan a second time in 1281, with the grace of the Divine Wind, the Samurai sent the Shogunate of Kamarura the bill (the Emperor was just a figurehead at the time) but the cupboard was bare. Instead, the Samurai received a scroll of written appreciation. Having spent money and lives on the defense of Japan the grumbling began. Now the grumbling has turned into outright civil war. The Samurai are going to win this war, putting the city of Kamarura to the flames and returning imperial power to the actual Emperor, Go-Daigo in 1333. [1] [2] [3]

My Take by Alex Shrugged
I've made this war seem as if it was initiated by the Samurai but in fact it was pushed by the Emperor Go-Daigo and it initially failed. He never would have succeed though if old hurts had not been nursed all these years and remembered by the Samurai. A critical general of the Kamarura will switch sides and join the Emperor. Had the Samurai not harbored such bad feelings and a sense of injustice over the years the Kamakura Shogunate might have been able to ride out this rebellion. As it is, they are going down in flames 1333.

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Year 1331, Wikipedia.

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